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Information about the town and port of Zeebrugge, in Belgium – the web magazine for visitors to France.

zeebrugge port

Bruges and Zeebrugge

Some useful information on restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and shops in the port of Zeebrugge and Bruges, which we have collated from various sources for ferry travellers to Zeebrugge.

Zeebrugge is a very small town with a few restaurants and little else. However as Belgium's premier fishing port, good fare can be had in local restaurants.

Bruges, just 8 miles away, is a much better bet for tourists.

October 2011 visit – I'de forgotten how nice a mini cruise is – comfortable cabins, good value restaurants and plenty going on on board. Very good offer on at the moment – two for one.

Hull mini cruises

Travel from Hull to Rotterdam or Zeebrugge from only £72 (inclusive of web discount), for up to five days away with a car and 2 passengers, en-suite cabin, and all taxes. Sunday to Wednesday departures only, includes cabin and all taxes. Thursday and Saturday departures from £77 pp, one pays one goes free.

Friday departures from £112 pp, one pays one goes free.

Zeebrugges and Bruges visit. Apart from a few restaurants Zeebrugge is not worth a visit. However Bruges is a short bus ride away (right into the centre of town) and it's only a 8 km drive. Parking is not easy though and a bit pricy although there are loads of car parks.

Even if you just walk around Bruges it's worth the journey, a very attractive place to be. However there are a large number of museums. I visited the Frite (Chip) museum and the Choco Story Museum. Both excellent value and very interesting. Don't forget the Frites Festival in December each year in Belgium.

There are a few tobacco shops geared towards the U.K. shopper. Interestingly I was told, as I had been in Adinkerke that the new guidelines are being stuck to by shoppers. Why? They are guidelines not limits. Clearly the UKBA's campaign to intimidate shoppers is working – I think this is shameful and that no Governement should ever resort to tactics like this, especially as it involves people like me who do not smoke.

One of the reasons for this trip was to meet up with other people (most of whom smoke unlike me) who are fighting back at the UKBA / HMRC. A very good discussion took place and we will shortly have better advice and tips for shoppers.

On a recent visit we found getting euro was difficult. The on board cash machine charges a whopping £2.75 to distrubute cash (sterling). In Bruges itself, some cash machines only take Belgian cards, and there are not many places where you can actually draw cash. Additionally, some museums only took cash.

Maps and Tourist information (Bruges). There is no information on board the ferry. Print a map off before you go and make a visit to the Tourist Office an early priority.

Regular users of the ferries on the Dover to Calais route should note that extra time is necessary when travelling through Hull and Zeebrugge. There are two ports basically, one for freight and one for cars and tourists. The signposting is not clear (especially so in Zeebrugge). Additionally, it really is necessary to turn up early. We were surprised on a recent visit when we arrived an hour before the due sailing, to find we were the last car on board, and that the ferry actually sailed 15 minutes early! We strongly advise you to be at the port a minimum of 60 minutes before departure (the recommended time is 90).

Ferry companies that go to Zeebrugge; P and O Ferries (from Hull)

Book a PO ferry to Zeebrugge.

Bruges map.

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Airport and Railway station

Airports in Belgium

Events in Bruges

Events in Belgium

Hotels in Bruges

Hotel Asiris, Lêe Raamstraat 9. Tel: 0032 50 34 17 24.

Hotel Ensor, Speelmansrei 10. Tel: 0032 50 34 25 89.

Hotel 't Keizershof, Oostmeers 126. Tel: 0032 50 33 87 28.

Hotel Gran Kaffee de passage, Dweersstraat 26-28. Tel: 0032 50 34 02 32.

Hotel Die Swaene ****. Tel: 0032 50 34 27 98.

Hotel Prinsenhof. Tel: 0032 50 342690.

Hotel Ibis. Tel: 0032 50 33 75 75.

Hotel Montanus. Tel: 0032 50 .

Book a hotel in Belgium

Hotels Belgium.

Markets in Bruges

Wednesday – Markt, 8.00am – 1.00pm.

Saturday – 't Zand Beursplein, 8.00am – 1.00pm.

Sunday – Ten Briele, Sint-Michiels, 8.00am – 1.00pm.

Bruges Museums

Not to be missed are the Choco Story Museum and the Friet (chip) Museum, both in the centre of Bruges.

1) Choco Story, The Chocolate Museum. Wijnzakstraat 2, Bruges. Tel: 0032 50 61 22 37.

They say; "The Choco-Story Chocolate Museum will serve up interesting answers to all your chocolate questions and will immerse you in the fascinating 2,500 year history of this most delicious of foodstuffs."

We say; Well worth a visit to discover the history and story of chocolate. Well laid out museum with interesting presentations.

2) Friet Museum, Vlamingstraat 33. B-8000 Bruges. Tel; 0032 50 34 01 50. Fascinating place all about the potato and chip. End your visit with a meal of "friet" ( we thought they were the best in town) which cost just 2 euro, mayonnaise 50 cents extra).

Did you know the Belgian chip uses a special type of potato? The Belgians say it makes the best frites.

Other places.

Huisbrouwerij, (brewery) Walplein 26, 8000. Bruges. Tel: 0032 50 33 26 97.

Bar Brugs Beertje, Kemelstraat 5. Tel: 0032 50 33 96 16. Sells 300 ales.

Begijnhof, a type of cloister for women – wonderful in the spring.

Diamond Museum, Katelijnstraat 43. B-8000 Brugge. Tel: 0032 50 34 20 56.

Folklore Museum, Rolweg 40. Reconstructions and shops.

Groeninge Museum, Dijver 12. Tel: 0032 50 44 81 11. Early renaissance Art.

Bootexcursies Gruuthuse, cannal tours. Tel: 0032 50 333 293.

Quasimodo Cycling Tours, Leenhofweg 7, 8310. Bruges. Tel: 0032 50 37 04 70.

T'Koffieboontje Bar has 6 gear bikes. te; 0032 50 338 027.

CityTour Bruges, Kanunnik Decoeneplein 6, 8310. Bruges. Tel: 0032 50 35 50 24.

The Pink Bear Cycle Company, Market Place, Bruges. Tel: 0032 50 61 66 86.

SeaFront Zeebrugge, (Maritime Theme Park), Vismijnstraat 7, B-8380. Zeebrugge. Tel: 0032 50 55 14 15. There is an old Russian submarine here as well.

Public Transport in Bruges


Local Bus Company;

Bruges Restaurants

Resto Belgium.

Frites – Typical Belgian chip stalls, also called "friteries" or "fritkots", can be found on many street corners and squares.

Local dishes; herring, waterzooï (chicken stew).

In town

Cafe Vlissinghe, Blekersstraat 2. Reputed to be the city's oldest bar.

Den Dyver, Dijver 5. Tel: 0032 50 33 60 69.

Passage, Dweersstraat 28. Live music.

La Taverne Brugeoise, Markt 27. Mussels galore.

La Civière d'Or, Markt 33. Game.

Jan Van Eyck, Jan van Eyckplein 12. Candlelit.

Oud Handbogenhof, Baliestraat 6. Old fashioned.

De Visscherie. Tel: 00 32 50 33 02 12.

Le Bistro Bon Vivant on Dweerstraat. Tel: 00 32 50 34 13 27.


Barcadère, Tijdokstraat 8. Tel: 0032 50 54 49 69.

Martins Vis Restaurant, St. Donaaskerkstraat 19. Tel: 0032 50 54 43 27.

Shopping in Bruges


The Chocolate Line, Simon Stevinplein 19.

Spegelaere, Ezelstraat 92.

Tobacco Shops in Zeebrugge / Bruges




Link to French site giving information on tides in Zeebrugge.

Bruges Tourist Office

Tourist Offices in BelgiumEvents in Belgium

Tourist OfficeBelgiumFrance

Belgium Tourisme. Tel: 020 7867 0311.

Tourisme Flandres. Tel: 020 7458 0044

Tourism Bruges, PO BOX 744, 8000 Bruges. Tel: 0032 50 44 46 46.

There is also an on-site tourist information point at the In Bruges (concert building), 't Zand. Daily 10.00am to 6.00pm (Thursday until 8.00pm).

Events in Bruges.

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Blankenberge, a pleasant place to stop just south of Zeebrugge port.

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Tourist Offices. /

Bruges Tourist Office. / /

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flanders news – News from Flanders.

Winter in Bruges. Offers and practical advice.

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