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Holiday fuel (petrol and diesel) planner –, the independently researched site for day trippers, shoppers and visitors to France. Links, maps and information about hypermarkets of the autoroutes in France.

Holiday route petrol and diesel

Latest fuel price survey (France, Belgium and Luxembourg – excel spreadsheet) or download a PDF. More on fuel prices in France and Belgium.

Strikes and fuel supplies in France

We strongly advise you to plan your route before you go as you can save a fair amount if you get your fuel at a local Hypermarket instead of on the autoroutes.

Plan how far you want to drive into France and use the map below to identify a good place to stop.

Most of us need to stop off for fuel whilst driving to our holiday destinations. We are now extending our popular petrol off the autoroutes page for skiers to include all of France. As our fuel price survey shows – fuel on the autoroutes is about 10% more than local hypermarkets – a big enough difference to make a small detour worthwhile. Some supermarkets even have garages on the autoroutes, Carrefour for example has 24 around France and many more close by.

Before you go, get the "Carte de l'essence moins chere aux sorties des autoroutes" from the French Tourist Office in London – invaluable.

Travel Insurance tips and Companies

Bison futé

Bison Futé is a government funded advice agency for travellers in France. Giving useful advice and tips – maps can be obtained from the French Tourist Office in Piccadilly. Suggested alternative routes (BIS) help you avoid jams (green signs).

For drivers going via Dunkirk and following the A25, A1, A26 route east and south, there is an office on the A1 just south of Lille. For people coming from Calais, short of a detour, the first office is on the A6 just south of Beaune.

Petrol off the autoroutes

Petrol on the Autoroutes is very expensive (as much as in the United Kingdom). Whilst convenient if you are in a hurry, at approximately 9 pence more per litre, compared with a supermarket, the difference soon mounts up.

Tip from a traveller; Look for autoroute service stations run by E. Leclerc (one of the French supermarkets) as they offer supermarket fuel prices on the autoroute (so you avoid having to go off into towns hunting for supermarkets). The other good thing about E. Leclerc is that the shops within the services offer their food and produce at the same rates as they do in their in town supermarkets, so you can save on that too.

We aim to bring you a comprehensive list of major hypermarkets just off the main autoroutes to the Alps soon. Here are a few picked up on a recent trip. If you have any tips – let us know. petrol tips for ski drivers

Annecy; Carrefour Hypermarket, 134 Av. de Genève. Tel: 0033 450 66 66 66.

Annemasse; A40, exit 14 follow signs for Gaillard. There is an Intermarché Supermarket here selling petrol. Tel: 0033 450 39 71 11.

Bethune Carrefour Hypermarket, Rue du docteur Dhénin, 62400. Tel: 0033 321 61 71 71.

Bourg-en-Bresse; Carrefour Hypermarket, Bd. Charles de Gaulle. Tel: 0033 474 50 30 00.

Cambrai 2, Carrefour Hypermarket, rue Jean Jaurès, 59161. ESCAUDOEUVRES. Tel: 0033 327 72 51 00.


– Carrefour Hypermarket. C. Cial Croix Dampierre. Tel: 0033 326 69 36 36.

– Intermarché Supermarket. There is an Intermarché Supermarket here, just off the A4 exit. Although you would normally turn South off the A4 autoroute, if you are staying overnight in Chalons-en-Champagne, it is best to keep on the A4 towards Metz and approach the town from the north. This is a good place to overnight as there are three budget hotels off this exit (Premiere Classe, Nuit Hotel, Formule 1budget hotel formule 1) and the petrol station is nearby. It is also easy to rejoin the autoroute south.


– Carrefour Hypermarket, 21 rue Centrale, 73000. Bassens. Tel: 0033 479 75 68 00.

– Carrefour Hypermarket, C. Cial Chamnord, 1097, Av. des Landiers. Tel: 0033 479 69 26 54.


– Super Supermarket exit 4 follow Versoul (D70) to Arc-s-Tille. Tel: 0033 380 37 11 11. Open Monday- Saturday 8.30am to 7.30pm.

– E. Leclerc on the A31 just to the North of Dijon on both side sof the autoroute.

– Carrefour Hypermarket. C. C. de la Toison d'or – Route de Langres (A31, exit 5, N74) BP 67809. Tel: 0033 380 78 55 00.

Nice – E Leclerc Supermarket on the A8, Estérel et Vidauban (between Aix en Provence and Nice)

Niort – E Leclerc Supermarket on the A83 (Niort La Canepetière et Niort La Chateaudrie).

Paris (South) – E Leclerc Supermarket on the A6 (Achères la Forêt et Achères)

Reims; Carrefour Hypermarket, Route Nationale 31, 51430 Tinqueux. A4, exit 22. Close by Formule 1 Hotel and Mister Bed. Champion Supermarket, open Monday- Saturday 9.00am to 10.00pm, Sunday to midday. Tel: 0033 326 48 40 00.

Sallanches – Carrefour Hypermarket, 1751 Av. de Genève-BP75 (just off the Autoroute Blanche). Tel: 0033 450 58 03 38.

Strasbourg – E Leclerc Supermarket on the A35. Aire du Haut Koenigsbourg (between Strasbourg and Mulhouse), both sides of autoroute.


– E Leclerc Supermarket on the A61. Toulouse Sud (West of Toulouse).

– E Leclerc Supermarket on the A62. Garonne Sud both sides (between Toulouse and Bordeaux).

Troyes; E. Leclerc Hypermarket on the A4 autoroute (exit 32), close to the Villages Hotel (open 9.00am to 7.30pm).

Other South France.

Near St Fleur. On the A75 from Montpellier at Aumont Aubrac (just South of St Flour) the Atac supermarket situated beside the northern exit is cheap for fuel.

Near Agde – There is an Esso station 500 metres from the A9 auntoroute (exit Vias / Agde) on the D13 north towards the A75. It's on the west side of the road – fully automatic filling station with cheap fuel.

Carrefour autoroute garages (Click map to enlarge)

fuel carrefour

A1 – Assevilliers

A1 – La Courneuve Ouest

A5 – Jonchets Grande Paroisse

A5 – Jonchets Les Récompenses

A6 – Beaune

A6 – Chères Est

A6 – Chères Ouest

A6 – La Ferté

A6 – Nemours

A7 – Mornas Crousilles

A7 – Mornas Les Adrets

A8 – L'Arc (no GPL / LPG)

A9 – La Palme Ouest (no GPL / LPG)

A10 – Châtellerault Usseau

A10 – Fenioux Est

A10 – Fenioux Ouest

A11 – Sargé Le Mans

A13 – Rosny sur Seine

A25 – Saint Eloi (no GPL / LPG)

A52 – Beame-de-marron (no GPL / LPG)

A61 – Toulouse Sud/Nord

A62 – Mas d'Agenais

List of Carrefour garages by department;


On the autoroute;

Interactive map.

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– Controle Radar. French radar control site – check before you go.

– Bison Futé, France road information.

More about Bison Futé . . .

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