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Information about route planners for driving in France – the web magazine for visitors to France.


Route planners for France

Strikes and fuel supplies in France

Preparation is always the best way of ensuring an easy journey without hassle. We looked at each of the sites listed below to plan a route from Central London to Dover.

Although most drivers use satnav these days, a quick check of thse sites whilst preparing your journey allows for easier planning.

Remember however, when booking hotels when undertaking a long journey, that France is one hour ahead, and ferries and Eurotunnel can have delays. In other words avoid driving when tired and arriving in Reims at 1.30am!

Speed Cameras in the United Kingdom

Where to get help when planning your journey

Traffic and jams – Bison Futé is the French Government organisation which helps motorists plan their journeys, avoid blackspots and get there safely. On the autoroutes.

Planning your itinerary.

Interesting link about Paris traffic conditions. (in French)

Roadworks on French roads (click travaux).

Roads closed at night (click fermetures).

French Government information on roads (in French).

Traffic conditions.

French Autoroutes.

Summer autoroute and driving advice from Bison Futé

Bison Fute France

Bison futé is a government funded advice agency for travellers in France. Giving useful advice and tips – maps can be obtained from the French Tourist Office in Piccadilly. Suggested alternative routes (BIS) help you avoid jams (green signs). There are 59 centres dotted throughout France where you can stop for help and advice on toll charges. Between 15 /6 and 31/8 the centres are open daily.

Free telephone calls for travel information can be made from the orange call boxes situated every 4km on main roads, 2km on motorways.

There is a Bison Futé office on the A16 near Boulogne. For drivers going via Dunkirk and following the A25, A1, A26 route east and south, there is an office on the A1 just south of Lille. For people coming from Calais, short of a detour the first office is on the A6 just south of Beaune.

Busy times this summer – weekends to avoid

Bison Futé.

Route information centres – open 24 hours (summer)

Centre 0033 1 48 99 33 33

East 0033 387 63 33 33

West 0033 299 32 33 33

North 0033 320 47 33 33

South East 0033 556 96 33 33

Rhône Alpe / Auvergnes 0033 472 81 57 33

Méditerranée 0033 491 78 78 78

Interactive map showing roadworks in the North of France;

Access signs for an alternative route

bison fute autoroute

Signs when driving on an alternative route (green signs are old, yellow are new signs)

Route planners

The AA – The AA Breakdown insurance

Green Flag – Green Flag.

Map24 – Map24.

Mappy – Mappy.

RAC – Royal Automobile Club.

Via Michelin – Via Michelin.

Routenet Belgium – Routenet (Belgium).

Brussels roadworks – Map of Brussels showing traffic situation and roadworks (Belgium).

French flag – mostly in French

1Bis – Bottin – 1bis (Bottin).

ITI map – ITI Map.


RACE Spanish motoring – RACE, Spanish motoring organisation.

– Route planner.

– Traffic info (cameras).

– Tunnel information (Spain).

Satellite Navigation systems

Satellite Navigation systems are growing in popularity, as once used, you won't be without one.

Useful Outside links

The AA – The AA. Travel and Breakdown insurance

RAC motoring – Royal Automobile Club.

French autoroutes.

Speed cameras


French Camping Car web site.

Controle Radar France – Controle Radar. French radar control site – check before you go.

Infotrafic France – Infotrafic.

Bison Fute France – Bison Futé, France road information.

More about Bison Futé

say no to 0870 – Say NO to 0870.

More useful links

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