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French School holidays, Public Holidays (Fêtes Nationale), festivals, and events in France – the web magazine for visitors to France.

Events in France – French Festivals and Events

Making a note of festivals and events before you go away can add some value to your break. Here we list as many of those we have come across.

Please check with the local the tourist office for dates and other news.

Festivals, Fairs and Fêtes – find an event in France

A Fête is a festival, usually with eating, drinking, singing, dancing and often performances of some kind. A variations is a fête champêtre – a village festival, or the fête patronale, a celebration of the local Saint's day.

These are the sites offering information on what's on in France.

via France – ViaFrance.

maison de France – Maison de la France.

ABTOF events – France, Yes you Can. Events page from Holiday France (ABTOF – Association of British Travel Organisers to France).

info tourism – Info Tourisme. Lots of very useful information on this site.

Le Monde des Arts – Le Monde des Arts. Current cultural shows in France.

Christmas Markets and shopping

For further festival and events information in Nord-Pas de Calais contact the local tourist board via the following: Tel: 0033 320 145 757.

Cultural and sporting events – France

FNAC shop – FNAC Spectacles, book a ticket for a wide variety of events & festivals in France.

Some popular cultural events held in France every year.

Citadels Open Day – April every year. For one Sunday each spring the cities and towns of the far north of France, open the doors to the stupendous collection of historic fortifications which formerly guarded the frontier. Many of the 16 fortresses open to the public are the work of Sébastien Leprestre, Marquis of Vauban, who designed the citadels in the wake of Louis XIV's 17th-century conquest of much of this territory. The grandest is that of Lille, a classic star-shaped fortress built of 60 million bricks. This "Queen of Citadels" formed part of a double line of strongholds between Gravelines, Dunkirk and Maubeuge.

Printemps des Musées – May (Every year). French museums open for free for one day in spring, offering a chance to whizz round the country's finest temporary and permanent collections.

fete de la nature – Held throughout France in May every year, this free family orientated event celebrates nature.

Nuit des Musées (annually in May). This annual event only started in 2005, but has caught on throughout Europe. Public buildings, museums and other institutions are open to the public free of charge from sunset until 1.00am. Light shows, theatrical performances and public readings bring a whole new life to exhibits.

Journées du PatrimoineJournées du Patrimoine (Heritage Days) and Journée des Moulins (Mill Days). Various towns. Every year in June. France's Heritage Days give visitors the chance to take a peep behind the doors of more than 14,000 buildings which are usually closed to the public. All over the country visitors queue for hours to catch a glimpse inside their politicians' homes, or to visit the seats of power. Many museums also open their doors for free. Each year there is a theme to the events. In 2004 for example it was science and technology, in 2008 it is "places of production". It's worth checking the local tourist office web site as well for the latest up to date information.

Journées du Patrimoine – Journée internationale de la Francophonie (Originally this term described the geographic areas where French is spoken, but today it refers to the "ensemble of people around the world who speak French"). This event celebrates the French language and all things French, every year on March 20th. In 2012 there was an event in Trafalgar square, London. Throughout France there were 36 events. Apparently 13% of the world's population speak French. French is also the official language in 32 countries.

tour de FranceTour de France. France's most popular annual event.

Tour de France a la VoileTour de France a la Voile (sailing). Usually running from the end of June over one month each year.

Bastille Day Celebrations. 14th July every year. Public celebrations don't come much grander than France's Bastille Day. Be prepared for spectacular fireworks and the belting out of La Marseillaise as the French celebrate 1789 and a swarm of revolting peasants. Major cities and rural towns alike congregrate for this huge annual commemoration.

Annual events

Food, Wine and other themed events in France

Our extensive and comprehensive list of events, fetes and festivals in France concerning wine, food and other themes.

We have started building a list of towns and villages which are famous for specific products.

Useful Outside links

northern France books – NorthernFrance. Great site for visitors to the North of France (buy the bookNorthern France).

Informative site full of events and braderie held in Nord Pas de Calais.

normandy tourist – Events listings (from the Normany Regional Tourist Board).


Cultural Events

fetes et foires – Fête et Foires. In French but up to date list of events in France.

demeure historique – Demeure Historique. Body representing private historic places. Its mission is to allow the owners to protect their sites, to make authorities aware of their needs and to make available to the public their buildings.

culture France – Culture France, France events.

monum France museums – Monum, Centre des monuments nationaux.

The Centre des Monuments Nationaux manages almost 100 historical monuments all over France, which are open to the public. Its properties include: from abbeys to châteaux, prehistoric caves, and many archeological sites, highlight France's incredibly rich heritage. With more than 9.4 million visitors, 400 events per year, the Centre des monuments nationaux is a unique operator in the cultural tourism sector.

Via France Events listings.

World Events Guide, France listings.

Survive France Network, events.

Excellent site full of information for Provence.

Excellent events listings.

Comprehensive website for Public Holidays worldwide.

Chambres de Commerce et d'Industrie de France.


Food and wine events in France

French Duck – French Duck. Excellent source of information about France and its many events.

Slow Food France – Slow Food. /

Blog – We liked the recipies on this one.

Salon del Gusto – Salon del Gusto, Turin. Italy. Huge event, with a vast range of interesting foods on dislay for tasting and buying, from Italy mostly, but from many other countries as well.

Terre Marde network – The Terre Marde network, is made up of all those who wish to act to preserve, encourage, and support sustainable food production methods.


France school holidays

French Education Ministry.

Click on Date des vacances scholaires. (Fr)

Click on Calendrier Scolaire for French school holidays. (Fr)

French education site.

French education site.


United Kingdom term dates.



Belgium Tourism. Practical information including Public Holidays and events in Belgium.



Holidays in Luxembourg.

School holiday in Luxembourg.

School holidays in Luxembourg.

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