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Information about Gites de France in France – the web magazine for visitors to France.

gites de France

Gîtes de France.

Gîtes de France are normally character houses restored and furnished in traditional style situated in the countryside and small villages. The standard of comfort is set out in the national charter of the Gîtes de France organisation. The number of "épi" (ears of corn) indicate the degree of comfort and standard of equipment found in the gîte. The scheme covers 55,000 holiday homes and 10,000 Bed & Breakfasts.

Although Gîtes de France have been welcoming people for generations, owners are required to sign the official Gîtes de France charter, and to maintain the high standards that it demands.

There are various types of Gites de France. The categories are;

Gîtes rural – A house or structurally separate building in the countryside.

Chambres d'hôtes (Bed and breakfast) – Be welcomed as friends of the houseowner, sample local cuisine.

Gites de séjour – Lodging designed to accommodate families or groups of friends

Gites d'enfants – For Children. During the school holidays, your children are accomodated within a family approved "Lodgings of France" and controlled by the qualified administration. They will share with other children (11 maximum) the life in the countryside and will benefit from leisures to the large air.

Ferme-auberge – Stay on a working farm and discover local cooking.

Camping à la ferme – Campsite on a farm.

Habitat léger de loisirs – Bungalows, chalets and mobil-homes.

Do consider Logis de France and Auberge de Ferme, which are family run establishments who offer traditional French accommodation and food at reasonable prices. If you want real French ambience you will be well served staying in any of the many Logis de France dotted about the French countryside, of which there are about 3,600. All are classified with one to three fireplace symbols, indicating the level of comfort. There are 36 Logis in Pas de Calais, and 22 in NORD.

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gites de France – Gites de France – Officially sponsored holiday cottages

Central reservations. Tel: 0033 1 49 70 75 75.

Booking online – The NORD department is now online.

Main Office – Maison des Gîtes de France et du Tourisme vert, 59, rue Saint-Lazare, 75439. Paris Cedex 09.

gites de France

NORD (59) (Dunkirk).

Relais Départemental des Gîtes de France du Nord, 89 Bd. de la Liberté – BP 1210 – 59013 Lille cédex

Tel: 0033 320 14 90 00.

Or, CDT, 6 rue Gauthier de Châtillon, BP 1232. 59013 Lille Cedex

Tel: 0033 320 57 59 59.

PAS DE Calais (62) (Calais / Boulogne).

Relais Départemental des Gîtes de France du Pas de Calais:

La Trésorerie – Wimille BP 79 62930 Wimereux

Tel: 0033 321 10 34 80.

or try – 24, rue Desille, Boulogne. Tel: 0033 321 87 28 91.

Some local Gîtes de France

Ambleteuse. Mme. Evrard. Tel: 0033 321 32 60 46.

Mme. et M. Penel. Tel: 0033 321 32 61 05.

Audinghen – "Le Repos des Mouettes", Hameau Waringzelle. 62179. Tel: 0033 321 32 97 20.

Cap Gris Nez – Christiane et Jacques Delattre, Waringzelle, Route du Cran-aux-Oeufs. 62179. Tel: 0033 321 32 97 48.


Cote d'Armor (22) – Saint Brieuc.

Finistere (29) – Quimper.

Ille et Vilaine (35) – Rennes.

Loire Atlantique (44) – Nantes.

Morbihan (56) Vannes.


(Haute) Eure, Seine Maritime, (Basse) Calvados, Manche, Orne.

Maison du Département, Route de Villedieu. 50008 Saint Lô. Tel: 0033 233 05 98 70.

CALVADOS (14) – Caen

Association Départementale des LDF du Calvados. Péricentre II, 66 Av. de Thiès. 14000 Caen.

Tel: 0033 231 93 10 74.

EURE (27)

CDT, Hôtel du Département. Bd. Georges Chauvin. BP 367. 27003 Evreux Cedex.

Tel: 0033 232 62 04 27.

MANCHE (50) – Cherbourg

Maison du Département. Route de Villedieu, 50008 Saint Lô.

Tel: 0033 2 33 05 98 83.

SEINE MARITIME (76) – Dieppe / Le Havre

CRCI, 9 rue Robert Schuman. 76000 Rouen.

Tel: 0033 2 35 88 44 42.

ORNE (28) – Alencon

GITES DE France de L'Orne, 86 Rue st. BLAISE – BP 50 – 61002 ALENCON Cedex

Tel: 0033 233 28 07 00 or 0033 233 28 88 71.


SOMME (80)


21 rue Ernest Cauvin, 80000 Amiens.

Tel: 0033 322 71 22 71.

Aisne (02) – Laon.

Oise (60) – Beauvais.

Somme (80) – Amiens.

Bienvenue a la Ferme – Bienvenue a la Ferme – Séjours a la ferme (French)

Stay at working farm and learn about local products and animals.

farm shops France

Gites Panda

gites de France panda – Gites Panda, a brand created in 1993 by the World Wildlife Fund in France. It highlights those gites which protect or work to protect the environment. They are situated in French National Parks.

Chambres d'hôte (B and B's)

This normally means guest houses with fewer than 6 bedrooms, most operating under the Gites de France label. However, where the establishments are specifically listed as "Chambres d'Hôtes" we have listed them separately, on the Bed and Breakfast page.

More about BandB in France

Group accommodation

Group Accommodation, website dealing with accommodation for larger groups.

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