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The site for day trippers and visitors to Calais and other Channel ports in North West France – looking for accommodation and information on hotel chains in France

Châteaux – Hotels in France

Châteaux – Hotels in France are well worth staying in whilst visiting France. Nothing beats a few days enjoying the luxury and ambience of a Chateau-Hotel.

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Châteaux Based Hotels

Au Chateau – Au Chateau. 80 Château throughout France.

Bienvenue au Chateau – Bienvenue-au-Château. Bed and breakfast in private Châteaux and mansions in France.

Chateaux France – Châteaux-France, about 1200 Châteaux and ancient places listed.

Chateaux Hotels – Châteaux Hotels. 523 hotels of character. Tel: 0207 616 0300.

Preference hotels – Châteaux Hotels. 60 Quality hotels throughout France. Tel: 0033 1 43 40 77 79.

Relais Chateaux – Relais and Châteaux. 119 hotels – the most prestigious hotel group in France. Tel: 0800 2000 0002 / 020 7630 7667.

Simply Chateau – Simply Château. Comprehensive range of Châteaux for staying in and hiring for weddings and events. Book direct with the owner.

Symboles de France – Symboles de France. 325 castles, hotels, restaurants and French monuments. Tel: 0033 143 263 110.

Relais and Chateaux – the best of France.

HotelsRelais GourmandsWhy Relais and Chateaux?

Relais and Châteaux is a voluntary association which undertakes the promotion and marketing of charming, independent hotels and restaurants.

Together, the 452 members situated in 47 countries, constitute an Association governed by the French law of 1901.

Relais and Châteaux are properties full of character which offer a charming, upscale setting, customised services and a very high level of comfort.

They are the ambassadors of French "art de vivre" and of the highest culinary standards. Clients are welcomed like privileged guests.

Relais and Châteaux are experienced professionals, owners or general managers of properties of exceptional character, located in quiet settings where the personalised welcome is exceedingly courteous and the cuisine of the very highest standard.

The Relais and Châteaux categories define three different styles of hotel services illustrated by a lily of a different colour.

Hotels with high quality cuisine which have been awarded the Relais and Châteaux label.

BLUE shield: a beautiful establishment with a high level of comfort of the "relais de campagne" type

YELLOW shield: the refined comfort of a magnificent residence

PURPLE shield: An exceptional establishment featuring the highest level of service, amenities and furnishings

Relais Gourmands, with or without rooms, are restaurants renowned for the outstanding quality of their cuisine. Interestingly sales in the Relais Gourmands accounted for 65% of sales in 200

The Relais Gourmands, symbolised by the logo: restaurants renowned for their excellent cuisine.

The Relais Gourmands are the restaurant section of Relais and Châteaux and feature some of the world's best contemporary chefs.

Thanks to their atmosphere, décor, service, wine cellar and cuisine, they embody the very best in fine dining.

The double shield: double distinction of a property which combines the cuisine of a Relais Gourmand with a comfortable stay. Some properties have both rooms and a gourmet restaurant.

They carry the dual designation "Relais and Châteaux / Relais Gourmands" symbolised in the Guide by a double shield.

In 2001 the Association has 142 Relais Gourmands, including 71 "doubles shields" and 71 restaurants.

Why Relais and Chateaux?

The Quality Charter

The Quality Charter of Relais and Châteaux is based on the "5 Cs": Courtesy, Charm, Character, Calm and Cuisine.

The quality of the reception is always of the same high standard and the service unfailingly attentive; this is the essence of Courtesy.

The exterior and interior appearance of the property is refined which constitutes its Charm.

Each Relais and Châteaux has its own individual style, be it a château, manor, abbey . . . which gives every property its own special Character.

The environment in which it is situated is peaceful and offers guests Calm and relaxation.

Finally, the Cuisine is of the highest standard since the Relais Gourmands are renowned gourmet restaurants.

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