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Information about Gites de France and Logis de France, (bed and breakfast) traditional Accommodation in France – the web magazine for visitors to France.

logis de France

Logis de France – traditional accommodation in France / -

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Logis de France and Auberge de Ferme are family run establishments which offer traditional French accommodation and food at reasonable prices. If you want real French ambience you will be well served staying in any of the many Logis de France dotted about the French countryside, of which there are about 2,622 (2011) All are classified with one to three fireplace symbols, indicating the level of comfort. There is a new, fourth classification; Logis d'Exception.

There are 34 Logis in Pas de Calais, and 19 in NORD. This is a slight decline on previous years.

Using the Logis de France use to be the way travellers enjoyed their holidays and short breaks. Over the years a combination of motorways, budget hotel chains (cheaper) and very old attitudes regarding making a booking, has seen a decline in their use. However, things are changing. There is a new booking system which is easy to use (2011). Whilst modern hotel chains may be cheap and convenient they lack the character of a Logis de France hotel. If you want to get a bit more from your holiday in France, Logis de France are highly recommended.

Main Logis de France hotel groupings; Gites d'étape – hostel style Accommodation, Chambres d'hôte – Bed and Breakfast, Gites de France – Officially sponsored holiday cottages, Logis de France – Government sponsored character hotels.

There are various types of Logis de France. For more information about the requirments click through on the Logis de France website. Current special Offers. The categories are;

Logis Bacchus (wine)

Logis de Caractère (reflects local architectural styles)

Logis Neige (snow)

Logis Nature – silence (rural, quiet)

Logis Pêche (fishing)

Logis Randonée (walking)

Logis Velo (cycling)

The Logis de Charme guide covers many of these themes.

Logis de France send out interesting offers to subscribers. What is more, many of the packages are tailored to specific needs – gastronomy, wine etc. Sign up for the newsletter

logis de France calais


Wissant – Béatrice et Guy Lebas, Ferme Le Breuil. 62179. Wissant. Tel: 0033 321 92 88 87.

Guînes.- Les Arcades. Tel: 0033 321 82 02 45.

logis France Logis de France – Government sponsored character hotels.

Tel: 0033 1 45 84 83 84 (Reservations)

The National Guide of the Logis de France Hotel-restaurants 2011. Also available from the Maison de la France (the French Government tourist office). To have one sent to you (cost 7 euro to U.K.) look under "Logis Shop" on the website.

The 2007 edition has so much to offer, including: practical information translated into several languages, a precise description of the services and facilities available at each Logis, a list of hotel-restaurants arranged by themes and also a directory of European Logis outside France. The guide also comes with a free road map to help you find your way around!

2006 saw some 3,138 hotel-restaurants throughout France listed in the guide, which is available at Tourist Offices both in France and the United Kingdom.

The guide is a great way to discover France, staying in family-run hotels, most of them located in small villages in the heart of its regions. Logis de France hotel owners take pride in providing their guests with tasty authentic cooking, taking their inspiration from the finest local produce.

As always, Logis de France hotels offer very good value for money. Average prices range from £35 to £48 (£51 to £71) for accommodation and from £12 to £25 (£17 to £36) for set menus. Half-board rates range from £36 to around £44 (£53 to around £65) per person.

From 2006 onwards, Logis de France will be using a brand-new, comprehensive classification checklist, covering some 268 quality criteria. The checklist has been drawn up taking full account of needs and expectations expressed by guests, and enables hotels to be classified with 1, 2 or 3 fireplace symbols.

This checklist covers a wide range of elements, such as the comfort of the hotel and food and service quality, but also a number of new sections such as breakfast quality and the level of attention paid to environmental issues by the hotel.

The Logis de Charme Guide 2007 (13 euro). To help you find your way around, the guide also contains a road map.

These two tools allow you to prepare your itinerary and to find Logis hotels at a glance.

To order the National Guide, please fill the form hereafter and click on the 'Proceed to payment' button .

Your credit card will be charged for a total of £7 (for handling and postal charges) and the Logis de France National guide shall be shipped to you.

This guide lists more than 300 hotel-restaurants in the "Logis de caractère" and "Logis Nature-silence" categories which, as their names suggest are notable in the one case for their distinctive individual charactere and in the other for being situated in a particularity transquil setting in the heart of nature. The hotels are presented region by region and according to the alphabetical order of the communes in which they are situated. In every case there is a photo of the hotel together with details of prices, plus brief tourist information and how to reach them. All offer the quality guarantee associated with the Logis de France label.

Logis de France categorise its establishments.

Logis de France. Great series of small breaks with a theme.

Logis de Caractère (Distinctive logis) – Close to the heart of a region, each Logis de Caractère offers everything in terms of charm. Lovers of old stone buildings and stylish architecture will not be disappointed.

Logis Nature-silence (Nature and Tranquillity) – Located in a natural setting with birds providing the only background noise, you can be sure of a calm, relaxing stay. Tranquillity, rest and well-being are guaranteed !

Logis Bacchus (Vineyard Logis) – The Logis Bacchus are nestled at the very heart of the most renowned wine-producing regions of France. The restaurant wine lists offer a wide choice: from vintage wines to local wines. let your palate do the talking

Logis Famille-enfants (Family logis) – Certain Logis de France establishments provide family rooms, with specific equipment, children's play areas and even childminding services.

Etapes Affaires (Business Stopover Logis) – These establishments offer a special fixed rate for business people, including lunch or dinner, a single room and breakfast; a warm welcome, top-class service and good cooking are the main items on the agenda.

Logis Randonnée (Hiking)

Logis Pêche (Fishing)

Logis Vélo (Cycling)

Logis Neige (Snow)

Logis de Caractère (Distinctive Logis)

logis de France

There is a smaller guide "Logis de Charme", which lists 305 "Distinctive" and "Nature and Tranquillity" Logis chosen for the quality and charm of their surroundings.

logis de France

There is a another website for "Logis d'Exception", which lists 13 exceptional Logis de France. They must be places with something different about them, have a special atmosphere, or a history. They are elegant, refined houses, with a special environment, and a unique and personal decor.

Logis de France in NORD / Pas de Calais.

NORD (59) – Dunkirk

PAS DE Calais (62) – Calais / Boulogne

Some hotels in and around Calais

Boulogne – Francis Hamiot ***, 1, rue Faidherbe. 62200. Tel: 0033 321 31 44 20.

Bremes les Ardres – La Faisanderie. Auberge. Chemin des Conduits. Tel: 0033 321 35 77 45.

Calais – La Sole Meuniere **, 1, Boulevarde de la Résistance. 62100. Tel: 0033 321 34 43 01.

Calais – Ranch Hotel **.

Cap Blanc Nez – Hôtel-Restaurant l'Escale **. Rue de la Mer, Escalles. Tel: 0033 321 85 25 00.

Le Mont de Fiennes – La Ferme du Grand Air, 132, rue Henri Hamy. Tel: 0033 321 35 01 60.

Sangatte – Les Dunes **.

Wimereux – SPERANZA. 43, rue Général de Gaulle. 62930. Tel: 0033 321 32 46 09.

Wirwignes – Ferme Auberge du Blaisel. rue de la Lombarderie, 62240. Tel: 0033 321 32 91 98.

Regional Logis de France Offices

Alpes Cote d'Azur

Alpes de Hte Provence (04), Htes Alpes (05), Bouches du Rhône (13).

Alpes Maritimes (06).

Var (83)

Vaucluse (84).


8 rue Neuve Saint Martin BP 1880. 13222 Marseille Cedex 01

Tel: 04 91 14 42 00.


Bas Rhin (67).

Haut Rhin (68).


Dordogne – Périgord (24).

Gironde (33).

Landes (40).

Lot et Garonne (47).

Pyrenees Atlantique (64).


Allier (3) –

Cantal (15).

Haute-Loire (43).

Puy-de-Dôme (63).

Union Région ale des Logis de France d'Auvergne

Parc Technologique Clermont-Ferrand – La Pardieu

7, allée Pierre de Fermat. 63178 Aubière

Tel: 04 73 29 49 63.

Bourgogne. Côte d'Or (21), Nièvre (58), Saône et Loire (71), Yonne (89).


Place des Nations Unies – BP 87009. 21070 Dijon Cedex

Tel: 03 80 60 40 51.

Bretagne. Côtes d'Armor (22), Finistère (29), Ille et Vilaine (35), Morbihan (56).


1 rue du Général Guillaudot

CS 14422. 35044 Rennes Cedex

Tel: 02 99 25 41 86.

Centre / Val de La Loire.

Cher (18).

Eure et Loire (28).

Indre (36).

Indre et Loire (37).

Loire et Cher (41).

Loiret (45).


Ardennes (08) –

Aube (10) –

Marne (51).


40 bis avenue Foch. 52000 Chaumont

Tel: 03 25 30 39 00.


Corse du Sud (2A) –

Corse Haute (2B) –

Franche Comté

Doubs (25).

Jura (39) –

Haute-Saône/Territoire de Belfort (70) –

4 ter Faubourg Rivotte. 25000 Besancon

Tel: 03 81 82 80 48.

ILE DE France

Seine et Marne (77).

Yveline (78) –

Essone (91) –

Val – d'Ois (95) –


Aude (11).

Gard (30).

Hérault (34) –

Lozère (48).

Pyrénées Orientales (66).

Centre Administratif Région al, Service Tourisme

CCI de Montpellier

Hôtel Saint Côme 32 Grand rue Jean Moulin. 34944 Montpellier Cedex 9

Tel: 04 67 10 24 09.


Corrèze (19).

Creuse (23).

Haute-Vienne (87) –

CRT, 27 bd de la Corderie. 87031 Limoges Cedex

Tel: 05 55 45 18 80.


Meurthe and Moselle (54).

Meuse (55) –

Moselle (57).

Vosges (88).

CCIM, 10-12 avenue Foch – BP 70330. 57016 Metz Cedex 1

Tel: 03 87 52 31 00.


Ariège (09) –

Aveyron (12) –

Haute Garonne (31) –

Gers (32).

Lot (46) –

Hautes Pyrénées (65).

Tarn (81).

Tarn et Garonne (82).


14 rue Bayard. 31000 Toulouse

Tel: 05 61 99 44 00.



Calvados (14).

Manche (50).

Orne (61) –


Eure (27).

Seine Maritime (76) –

Maison du Département

Route de Villedieu. 50008 Saint Lô

Tel: 02 33 05 98 70.

Pays de la Loire. Loire-Atlantique (44), Maine and Loire (49), Mayenne (53), Sarthe (82), Vendée (85).

CS 40698 – 44306 Nantes Cedex 3

Tel: 02 51 72 95 36.


Aisne (02) –

Oise (60) –

Somme (80) –


Charente (16) –

Charente Maritime (17) –

Sèvres (79) –

Vienne (86) –

Rhone Alpes

Ain (01) –

Ardeche (07).

Drôme (26) –

Isere (38).

Loire (42) –

Rhône (69).

Savoie (73).

Haute Savoie (74).

Belgium / Luxembourg.

Pages from the Logis de France web site for;

Regional – Brittany.

Côtes d'Armor (22) – Finistère (29) – Roscoff – Iile et Vilaine (35) – St. Malo – Morbihan (56).

Regional – Normandy

Basse. Calvados (14) – Caen, Manche (50) – Cherbourg, Orne (61) -.

Haute. Eure (27) -, Seine Maritime (76) – Dieppe / Le Havre.

Regional – Picardie.

Aisne (02) – Oise (60) – Somme (80)

gites de France – Gites de France. Officially sponsored holiday cottages

We now have a seperate page for Gites in France

Chambres d'hôte (B and B's)

This normally means guest houses with fewer than 6 bedrooms, most operating under the Gites de France label. However, where the establishments are specifically listed as "Chambres d'Hôtes" we have listed them separately, on the Bed and Breakfast page.

More about BandB in France

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