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French translation, terms and dictionaries- the web magazine for visitors to France.

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French Translation

This page is dedicated to students of French and visitors to France looking for help, advice and links.

On these pages we list useful words, phrases and other French related information for French travellers and students.

Links for learning French and translation

French dictionary of colours.

learn French – Publishers of Audio Magazines on CD and cassette for intermediate-to-advanced speakers of French, Spanish, German, and Italian.

Claritas Lux. Language learning with software.

France learn French – Eurolingua Institute.

France Way. A Traveler's Companion to France. A comprehensive travel guide to France produced by the Alliance Française of Toronto.

French Language Guide. A useful if basic level of French.

– Frenglish News.

French Lesson.

Worthwhile course.

– Language Scene. Tel: 07736 876289. "At Language Scene, we offer a fun and imaginative way of practising and learning languages through our social exchanges and lessons."

Learn French at home via skype.

– Learn French guide, all about how to learn French and how to speak French.

linguaphone French – Linguaphone Tel: 0800 282 417.

New life in France – personal tuition. Tel: 0033 493 00 11 86.

– Real French. Some useful tests.

Useful Web sites for translation and understanding French words

Translation service. / /

Babla – Babla, described as an "an interactive language portal" it actually offers a very comprehensive choice of words and expressions for any term searched for.

French Spanish online – click and listen to the pronunciation.

– France Yabla, online French video immersion.

Le Dictionnaire, comprehensive dictionary.

More specific dictionary.

Conjugaison, Conjugation.

Citations. Who said what?

Online translator.

Le Conjugueur, a very useful resource.

Les Verbes, a very useful resource.

Translation software.

Translation / Words.

Translation – Word Reference, full description and information for a specific word only. Comprehensive explanations.

French-English translations.

Improve your French., Bucknell University.

Excellent summary of French terms and sentances.

Worthwhile course.

Some useful information on this students site.

Useful French dictionaries.


– The Language Technology Centre, a commercial Internet translation service.

For Children

– ALLEF, Association for Learning Languages En Famille. Alison Fawcett. ALLEF United Kingdom 69 Carter Knowle Rd., Sheffield. Yorkshire. S7 2DW. Tel: 0114 255 488.

– for children. Early Start Languages, PO Box 235. DOVER CT17 0GN. Tel: 01304 826040.

– En Famille international, Educational-Linguistics-Cultural Exchanges for 9 – 13 year olds. Tel: 01786 822 177.

– La Jolie Ronde. French for children.

Private Tuition

The web master is happy to highly recommend, Philippe Boivin, whose patience and determination allowed me to cope more than adequately in France. Tel: 020 8207 1871. E-mail: phd79 at

– Alliance Francaise, 1 Dorset Square, London. NW1 6PU. Tel: 020 7723 6439.

– The French Tuition Centre – Native French teachers. Tel: 020 7284 1554.

– London Speaks French (agency).

Software / Audio

– Bussu, an online learning programme. Once you've got over the way it operates its a useful way to learn.

learn French – Publishers of Audio Magazines on CD and cassette for intermediate-to-advanced speakers of French, Spanish, German, and Italian.

– Eurotalk Interactive – learn French Software. Tel: 020 7371 7711.

– Learn French at home (associated with the French Accent Magazine). "The programme has also been created to teach anyone who has a personal interest or simply a desire to learn the language".

– Omega First – PC language solutions. Tel: 01252 37 69 37.


– BBC Languages. Tel: 01624 836 000.

– Open University. Tel: 0845 300 60 90.

– TV5, French TV Channel. Tel: 0117 954 9189. Available on cable in the United Kingdom Now with Telewest (Tel: 0800 953 5353).

Translation Services

Found or used anyone worthwhile? Let us know.

Argos Translations (Eastern European Languages – approved E.U. translator) – Argos Company Ltd. Sp. z o.o., Ul. Garczynskiego 5/3, 31-524, Krakow. Poland. Tel: 0048 12 293 0300.

Atlas Translations. Commercial Translation Service.

Cabessa Translations. Tel: 0033 1 45 88 54 11.

French-English translations.

Karen Traductions. 68 rue J-B David, 42100. Saint-ETIENNE. France. Tel: 0033 477 47 35 10.

London Translations.

Portugese Translations – (UK) aurelio5000 at

Today translations – French-English translation service.

Traducteur Assermente, reasonable rates.

Walk and Talk – Waymark Holidays have a special walking holiday which is combined with learning French – more

Laugh a line – we enjoy badly translated items

Please forward any you find to us for every ones enjoyment.

How to come in Francewatch enemy motion

From a French village website. "Greedy shops" are Gourmet food shops in the area.

Many of you will share my delight at bad translations, but an old Seafrance brochure for tourist information tops them all. Called "Useful and a touriste's guide Opal Coast" (sic) it is an amusing read.

Under the heading " To see Calais" it refers to;

The Jacquard Statue – " Situated before the municipal theatre, it's recalling the inventor of system for the reproduce a decorative design in a texture."

The Lighthouse – "It's counting 270 steps and it's taking her rays on night at 0.03miles above of sea's gauge."

The Fisherman's District – "Called courgain maritime picturesquer, where it's agreable of to meet, in this populated district fishers."

The Museum – "Made close to Richelieu's garden. Collections are visited every day except tuesday."

The French Memory's Moment – "Situated before of the town hall, it's the worked of architect Ghesquier – maugendre, statutory, elevated for Sidi Brahim, Dutertre Captain, soldiers of 1870 – 1871 and colonials expositions memories."

The Six Burgess Moment – " Calis is first all six burgess city, these notables, that made the lives sacrifice for to save those beseiged citizens."

The Watching Towers – " In wartime, it's serving of loockout's service charged of to watch enemy motion and in peacetime, of to inform firemans in case of fire and to show fire's direction.

The Notre Dame Church – "Demolished by last bombardements, these origins goes back at XIII century; finished under the english occupation; it's during of reconstruction and can't still to realise beauty of that architecture."

The Pluviose's Moment – "Erected on beach's avenue for to call submarine that sea's be buried before the Calais port in 1910, wen the opportunitie of fearless driving that made to passs under the regular liner."

Citadel – " French crowed for always Calais citadel. In 166 (sic), place's gouvernors of official residence, is attentive care of french's sovereigns, because of privilegied geographic position."

The Rescuer's Moment – "Situated in the Colme quay at paradis basin, it commemorate heroism recuer's Calais."

The Louis XVIII Collumn – "Face at the chamber of commerce, it's commemorate king's deplacement at to Calais, after Napoleon's fall in april 1814."

How to come in France – from a Nord Tourist Brochure

This comes from – publicity agency in North France.

1) How to come to France.

10 thousands years ago, the Opale Coast did not exist. At this time, a vast channel allowed the Northern Sea crossing. The progressive rising of the sea made that about 2 thousands years before J-C, the sea reached the level we know today. The Opal Coast adjoining Belgium is also facing the South-East english cliffs, lining the Channel and the Northern Sea. Regarding the relief, the Opale Coast is famous because of its two magnificent cliffs: The Cap Blanc Nez rising up to 132 m and the Cap Gris-Nez (50m) followed by fine sand beaches, successively cut by the Canche's bay, the Authie's Bay and the Somme's Bay. As the sea was ebbing back to the Strait, French and English people were trying to hit the same mark, that means conquer the other side of the Channel. From 5th century, the Opal Coast did not stop being invaded, then little each of the colonized city was given back to French people. The Coast also acted other important parts in the History of France. At the turn of 19th century, it was the start point of Napoleon's most ambitious project: The invasion of England, project he had to give up afterwards.

During The Second World War, The Opal Coast was used as rear base by the Britishs troops, then Germans built there the Atlantic Wall. Economicaly speaking the Opale Coast is always and always going over. Regarding the Sea's activities, the ports of the Coast essentially welco merchant vessels and fishing-ships. Bray-Dunes, Dunkerque and Grand-Fort Philippe devote themselves to the cod-fishing in the Iceland sea while the other ports practice the coastal fishing.

Boulogne-sur-Mer is the first fishing-harbour of France but also the important commercial harbour, as for Calais, it stands at the first European rank in regard of the relationships with Great Britain. Situation is more difficult for agriculture, infact, decline of the farmers' incomes makes them turn to other complementary activities.

In term of tourism, the different Cost's resort attract the holiday-makers with a vast range seaside, sports and leisure activities and as well with many towns full of History.

In summer time, you'll appreciate the fine sand lining beaches from Bray-Dunes to Mers-les-Bains. Spring and Autumn are ideal seasons to practice long stolls in the Canche's or Authie's where are located the different regional parks Audomarois (53 062 hab) and Avesnois. The thermal amplitudes recorded on the Opale Coast are always lower than those recorded inside lands. The coast takes advantage of the Gulf-Stream, hot draught coming from across the Atlantic ocean and which contributes to temper the climate. On March, the temperature of water is about 7%deg;C to reach 17%deg;C on August. and the air maximums average on July and August is about 19.5 %deg;C.

The Opale Coast takes advantage of a tide said "Semidiurnal" with two high tides and two low tides a day and a delay from one day to the next one.

Web translation – Useful Internet translation services

Babelfish. Useful internet translation service, we like the service provided by altavista. If you come across a web page in another language, just copy the URL (. . .) into space provided and a passable translation of the page is made. Has its uses.

Dictionary. English to French.

Free Translation.

Google. Another service offred by Google. Extensive.

google translate – use the Google translate function below if needed.

Reverso. Extensive.

– Viola. French company (300 characters maximum).

Translate English to French / French to English

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Useful Outside links

learn French – Publishers of Audio Magazines on CD and cassette for intermediate-to-advanced speakers of French, Spanish, German, and Italian.

la vie outre manche – Concorde French. "La Vie autres Manche".

learning French – Alliance Francaise. Find a course throughout France.

Babelfish. Useful internet translation service, we like this service provided.

Reverso. This one worked well too.

Free Translation. You might like to try this one as well.

M-W. French to English.

Dictionary. English to French.

Pourpre. French dictionary of colours.

French Linguistics. French-English translations.

French learning web – Lingo 24.

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