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Pre-paid charge cards, companies offering them. Avoid credit card charges when booking flights –

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Pre-paid charge cards


Pre-paid charge cards are an excellent way to avoid paying credit and debit cards fees when booking an airline ticket. Like travellers cheques (now on the way out) they must be paid up front however, but the savings are considerable. They are also very safe (if stolen just put a stop to that card, the balance is transferred to a new one), and are used just like a credit or debit card.

Get a pre-paid Visa Electron card from the Post Office to book with budget airlines whose fees can top £7.50 each way when using a credit or debit card.

The Post Office charge £3 to top it up but you'll save each time you use it on card fees. They also do a pre paid sterling card (Mastercard), and a travel money card which is electron.

Halifax have an easycash account which is electron with no loading charges.

Ryanair's own MasterCard Prepaid is to become the only free from of payment for Ryanair flights from 4th October 2011.

Concerns about whether or not you are covered if the card provider goes bust appear to be misplaced with Ryanair disputing these claims.

Create an EntroPay Virtual Card – Free

Load an EntroPay Card from a personal credit or debit card – 4.95%

Travelex money – Travelex Cash Passport card. No set up charges or fee for withdrawals in the United Kingdom or abroad. Electron cards are free to top up for the United Kingdom Pound version. Travelex

CaxtonFx currency cards – CaxtonFx Currency cards.

Entropay virtual – Worth trying (easy to do online) are EntroPay Virtual VISA Cards.

fairfx currency – Fairfx. In Europe, the FairFX Euro Currency Card costs nothing to apply for and charges no fees for shopping or buying online. You pay 1.50 euro to make a withdrawal through an ATM though. fairfx

When travelling abroad it is essential to consider beforehand how much you will need for cash, credit card and travel card purchases. Most people rely on a combination of the three. It is no longer necessary to carry wads of cash, as travel currency cards are safe and cheap to use, and easily stopped if stolen, your money safe in your account.

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