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French property, lifestyle and travel magazines. For English travellers and visitors to France.

French magazines, forums and on-line magazines

There are many glossy French lifestyle / travel magazines to choose from. Some are better than others, all (apart from Living France) seem to rely on press releases and "jollies" from Tourist Boards to fill their magazines with articles. If buying magazines in France, we find the Maison de la Presse has a good range of French magazines and newspapers.

maison de la presse – Maison de la Presse (newsagents).

Magazines about France in English

– Destination France. Formerly named Destination France, still good for campers.

– France Magazine. Monthly. The original French magazine, recently bought out by Eastern Daily Press. Annual Subscription £39.95. In the shop £3.99 per magazine.

France Magazine offer. £38.30 (12 issues). Each issue is crammed with colourful articles on all aspects of France including travel destinations, French life, history and culture, food and drink, and language learning as well as stunning photography.

– French Entree (formerly French Magazine). Comprehensive guide mostly property related.

– French Accent Magazine. Learn French at home.

– French Property News. When they say comprehensive they mean it. Unlike many magazines/sites promising the earth, this one actually does offer a good choice. £22.00 per annum.

French Property News Magazine offer. £36.00 (12 issues) French Property News gives you access to tens of thousands of properties throughout France from both estate agents and private sellers. There are also helpful advice and contact details for solicitors, financial advisors, builders, removal companies, surveyors and many more. Look no further to get all the information you need!

– Le Monde Diplomatique.

Le Monde Diplomatique offer. 12 issues. £27.00. "Le Monde diplomatique is more than ever indispensable to readers who want to know what governments and consensus media will not tell them" Eric Hobsbawm. Published for 50 years with 21 foreign langauge editions and 1.5 million readers worldwide, Le Monde diplomatique is an international paper that is truly independent. Your subscription also gives you access to the complete Le Monde diplomatique archive, a unique online resource.

– Living France. Monthly. For any francophile this monthly magazine is a good read, well researched and presented, and not too "stuffed". £39.95 for 12 issues.

LIVING France Magazine offer. £41.50 (13 issues) Living France is your essential guide to owning French property. Each issue is packed with no nonsense advice written by experts on all aspects of owning and maintaining a home in France. Delve into the ‘Reader Stories' and get hints and tips from those who have already made their dream come true.

– France Today (USA).

Forums and Community boards

These are usually a good way of finding an answer to specific questions or getting some good advice from fellow travellers.

– The combined web forum for three Archant Life magazines; Living France, France magazine, and French Property News.

– International, but with a section concerning France.

– Expat Forum (France page).

– Nice website with forum.

– Allo Expat Forum for France.

Survive France Network, events.

Forum from Expat France.

Just Landed France Forum.

United Kingdom Campsite, caravanning and campsite chat.

Piston Heads, for motorbike users.

Dover Locals, chat relating to Dover.

Brittany Ferries enthusiasts.

On-line Magazines and blogs

Americans in France. Monthly newsletter full of interesting information and local events.

– A Taste of France.

– Destination Londres, a web magazine for French citizens coming to stay in London (in French). Interesting to read from an English perspective.

– France in London is a French run web magazine and directory full of information on French shops in the United Kingdom

French Duck – French Duck. Interesting web magazine, more like a blog. Packed full of very interesting information and advice.

– French Entree. Comprehensive guide mostly property related. Worth a look at.

– London Macadam, the Lifestyle magazine for 300 000 French people in London.

This French Life, very news worthy and well written.

My French Life, interesting blog.

Why Travel to France, a blog by an American living in France. Good articles.

Useful Outside links

French telephone numbers (in English).

A worthwhile site from St. Peter's School, York.

Plenty of obscure measurements worked out.

French Education Ministry.

United Kingdom term dates.

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