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French newspapers, links.

French newspapers

Many of us buy a French newspaper to catch up on local news and help imporve our French. It's worthwhile having a look at the web sites as well. If buying newspapers in France, we find the Maison de la Presse has a good range of French magazines and newspapers.

maison de la presse – Maison de la Presse (newsagents).

National French Newspapers

voir du nord newspaper – La Voix du Nord, Northern France.

A popular stop for English shoppers – Agence France Presse.

le figaro – Le Figaro.

Liberation newspaper – Liberation.

Le Monde Newspaper – Le Monde Newspaper.

Le Monde Diplomatique – Le Monde Diplomatique.

Le Parisien newspaper – Le Parisien.

Mediapart – Mediapart, an online news source.

Reuters news – Reuters (France).

Rue89 news – Rue89, an online French news source.

telegramme news – Le Telegramme, an online French news source.

Local French Magazines and Newspapers

L'Agenda des Plaisirs – l'Agenda des Plaisirs – le magazine de la Côte d'Opale. A smaller but none the less quite useful magazine for local visitors.

France Pittoresque – France Pittoresque. A web magazine full of interesting facts (in French).

Connexion France newspaper – Connexion France. The Connexion, an English-language newspaper for expatriates living in France. Brings monthly news, information and features to the English-speaking community in France.

Cote d'Opale magazine – Côte d'Opale Magazine. Every two months. Avenue de l'Europe. Z.A. de la Maie. 62720. Rinxent.

French News. An English language magazine that covers many newsworthy items concerning France. December 2008 – Sadly French News has closed. A loss.

French Week. A new publication (July 2010 – Gone out of business January 2011).

The French Paper – The French Paper. Started May 2009, publication ceased August 2011.

voir du nord newspaper – La Voix du Nord – the main regional newspaper. Full of local news.

voir du nord newspaper – The Local, news about France.

l'Officiel du Goût. Wonderful magazine for foodies (in French).

Nord Mag – Some useful information on this web site (French).

– Nord Littoral, a local Nord, Pas de Calais newspaper.

– Normandy Advertiser, part of the Connexion group.

Pays du Nord – Pays du Nord – covers Picardie, Pas de Calais, Nord, Belgium. A good buy if you can read French and visit this area.

Terres d'Opale newspaperTerres d'Opale. Some interesting local news.

Useful Outside links

French telephone numbers (in English).

A worthwhile site from St. Peter's School, York.

Plenty of obscure measurements worked out.

French Education Ministry.

United Kingdom term dates.

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