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French local and international radio and television stations.

French radio and television stations and networks

Listening to French radio or television programmes is a useful way of brushing up on one's French. Nowadays programmes can be downloaded or listened to on line.

Many have local sections listing events and local news.

French Radio stations

French news tf1 – French Radio.

– The Réseau France Outre-mer (RFO) is a network of radio and television stations operating in France's overseas departments and territories around the world. 9 stations en Outre-me.

– Radio France International, operates independently to Radio France.

Weekly Press review (news about France)

– Radio France.

– France Culture is a French public radio station devoted to cultural matters.

– France Musique is a French public radio station devoted to music, including classical music and jazz.

– Le Mouv' radio specialises in pop music.

– France Inter is a major French public radio network.

– France Info is a French public news radio station.

– France Inter Paris (FIP) is a French radio network.

– France Bleu is the regional radio network of Radio France. Choose a local radio station for the latest local news.

Nord /Pas de Calais

Television stations in France

– France 2 is the largest French public television network (National).

– France 3 is the second largest French public television channel, good regional guides.

Nord / Pas de Calais

– France 4 is a French public television network featuring arts, including music.

– France 5. Mainly featuring educational programming, the channel's motto is "la chaîne de la connaissance et du savoir" (the knowledge and science network).

– France 24 is an international news and current affairs television channel.

Expats radio

– Expats Radio.

Useful Outside links

French telephone numbers (in English).

– BBC France. Programmes schedule for BBC France.

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