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Cheese and Dairy products price survey for shopper in Calais, France –

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French Cheese and Dairy Products – price survey

Cheese and dairy products are much cheaper in France. This survey will help you find the best value items. We also list the main words and terms you will find on a French label.

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Best Buys (All the best buys); The range of dairy products in French supermarkets beats that on offer in the United Kingdom hands down. Cheeses are much cheaper, and the range and prices of yoghurts and fromage frais much better.

Whilst the limited range of French cheeses available in United Kingdom Supermarkets meant we were unable to compare all cheeses, where we were able to compare, the savings when buying in France ranged from 25 – 75%. Best buys were (% savings in brackets); Soigno Mild goats cheese (75%), Soignon Roll – St. Maure (61.5%), own brand Camembert (56.6%), Roquefort Societé – 52% m.g. (47.5%), own brand Roquefort (46.7%), Laughing Cow 12 pack (32.9%), own brand Brie (25.3%).

CREDIT CARDS – we suggest you ring your credit card company before shopping in France – increased fraud means they are turning down shoppers cards if their spending deviates from the norm. Take your mobile – you can often sort the problem out over the phone.


France is world famous for its cheeses, and the array in Calais is amazing. Try something different each time – you will soon learn which are your favourites. The range of dairy products is also much greater. Fromage Frais for example is not just cheaper, but the range much better. Yoghurts and butters abound.

Doing surveys and comparing products between countries is often very difficult. Our objective is to establish in general terms whether a range of products is cheaper or not, and where possible, specific products. However, not only do package sizes vary, but content as well sometimes. Special Offers distort prices temporarily. We have therefore used the French sizes as a standard and worked out the English price pro-rata. Where it is impossible to adjust for differences (size of pineapples for example) we list the United Kingdom and French prices. We suggest you print these pages and take them with you as a rough guide. In general, French hypermarket labels are more informative and will show you the price per litre or kilogram as well (United Kingdom prices often just the item price), United Kingdom products come in smaller sizes, and there is less of a choice.

Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of these surveys, and has carried out considerable in depth research, they should be seen as a guide only and not definitive.

Survey of Cheese and prices in Calais, France hypermarkets

Product - French Pack Size France Per Pack United Kingdom £ Per Pack % Cheaper in France Times more expensive in the United Kingdom Buy in France


Boursin; chives, pear, nuts (ciboulette, poire, noix) 125g
Boursin, garlic and herbs (ail and herbes) 10 pack
Brie (own brand) 1kg
Brie (President) 800g
Camembert (own brand) 250g
Camembert (President) 250g
Camembert Portions (President) 240g
Coulommiers (own brand) 350g
Coulommiers (President) 350g
Edam 1kg
Emental, French (own brand) 250g
Emental, French (President) 250g
Laughing Cow (la vache qui rit) 12 pack
Parmisan (Galbani) 200g
Petite Chaume 200g
Roquefort (own brand) 150g
Roquefort CHEAPEST 150g
Roquefort Societé (52%) 150g
St. Aubin 300g
Vieux Pané 220g

Goats Cheeses

Soignon Mild – Duex 180g
Goats Cheese (own brand) 180g
Soignon Roll – St. Maure 200g

Note; We have compared United Kingdom prices with the pack sizes available in France. For example if the pack size in France is 150g, and in the United Kingdom 125g, we have made the United Kingdom price per 150g.

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