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Shoppers price survey for perfumes and skin care products in Calais, France –

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Perfumes, Skin Care Products and Toiletries – price survey

Perfumes and skin care products are excellent good buys when shopping in France. This survey will help you find the best value items. We also list the main words and terms you will find on a French label. Perfume shops in Calais

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Perfume shops in France

Perfume companies web sites

We hear that Immac hair removing cream, shaving gels and cottoin wool products are much cheaper in France.


Most shops have similar prices in France. We only found a small difference between the three shops we visited. Perfumes were surprisingly good value on the ferry, only a few percentage points more than in France. Skin Care products are much cheaper in France though and there is a much better range.

Perfumes – overall we found that they are about 14% cheaper in France compared with the United Kingdom Surprisingly they are nearly 19% cheaper on board the ferry.

Skin Care – prices are cheaper in France although it depends on the Brand. In general Clinique is least best value, the French Brands best value. Clarins is a best buy with prices about 26% lower (15% on the ferry). Clinique products are cheaper in France, but not always. Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion is 8% more in France for example. Other products are generally 11 – 15% cheaper though. On the ferry again the range is limited but about 15% cheaper. Lancombe is about 15% cheaper in France (16% cheaper on the ferry, although the range is limited).

Overall EDT and skin care products are nearly 19% cheaper in France, and slightly less on the ferry.

Note; We surveyed prices in two shops at Cité Europe (Nocibé and Marionnaud), and Beauty Success in Centre Auchan. In the United Kingdom we went to Boots.

Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of these surveys, and has carried out considerable in depth research, they should be seen as a guide only and not definitive.

Survey of Perfume and skin care products and prices in Calais, France. United Kingdom

Product Name Pack Size BOOTS, Brent Cross POSL Price Ferry is cheaper by; Average in France France is cheaper by;
Chanel N%deg;5 EDT Refillable Spray. 50ml
Anais Anais EDT Natural Spray 50ml
Calvin Klein – Eternity EDT Spray 50ml
Clarins Eau Dynamisante Natural Spray 100ml
Dior DUNE, EDT Natural Spray. 50ml
Gucci RUSH, EDT Natural Spray. 50ml
Issey Miyake l'Eau d'Issey EDT Natural Spray 50ml
Tommy Girl Cologne Spray 50ml
Thierry Nugler ANGEL EDP 50ml

On average, perfumes are 19% cheaper on the ferry and 14.5% cheaper in France.

Skin Care

Cleansing Milk 200ml
Toning Lotion 200ml
Multi Active Day cream 200ml
Exfoliating Body Scrub 50ml
Extra Firming Contour Gel 20ml
Multi Active Night Lotion 50ml
Beauty Flash Balm 50ml
Hand and Nail Treatment Cream 100ml
Revitalising Tinted Moisturiser 50ml

On average, Clarins Skin care products are 15.2% cheaper on the ferry and 26.6% cheaper in France.

Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion 125ml
Clarifying Lotion 200ml
Turnaround cream 50ml
Oil Free Moisture Formula 75ml
Exfoliating Scrub 100ml

On average, Clinique Skin care products are 15% cheaper on the ferry and 10.9% cheaper in France.

Tonique Clarté 200ml
HydraZen Eyes 15ml
Imanance long Lasting Tinted Skin Care -
Rénergie Anti Wrinkle Treatment 50ml
Galateis Clarté Gentle Cleansing Fluid 200ml

On average, Lancome Skin care products are 16.6% cheaper on the ferry and 15.2% cheaper in France.

Other Products
Oil of Olaz Complete Care Lotion. 100ml
Oil of Olaz Complete Care Cream -
Toiletries -
Perfumes and Skin Care products
Cotton Buds Lotus 160
Cotton Buds – Own Brand 200
Hand Soap – Dove Cream Bar 4 x 100g
Hand Soap – Palmolive Original 6 x 25g
Shower Gel 400ml
Shampoo – l'Oreal Elseve Alpha jojoba (yellow label) 250ml
Shampoo – Organics 2 in 1 All types (purple label) 200ml
Conditioner – Garnier Fructis for dry hair 200ml
Hair Colour – l'Oreal Paris (Recital/ Excellence) -
Razor – Mach 3 Holder + 2
Razor – Mach 3 Pack of 8
Razor – Wilkinson Protector 3D Holder + 2
Razor – Wilkinson Protector 3D Pack of 8
Razor – Gillette Sensor Excel (women) Holder
Razor – Gillette Sensor Excel (women) Pack of 5
Sun Cream – Garnier Ambre Solaire (25) 200ml
Sun Cream – Garnier After Sun 200ml
Sun Cream – Nivea (4) 200ml
Sun Cream – Nivea (8) 200ml
Sun Cream – Nivea (12) 200ml
Sun Cream – Nivea (20) 200ml
Sun Cream – Nivea (30) 200ml
Sun Cream – Nivea (50) 200ml
Sun Cream – Nivea After Sun 200ml
Tampons – Tampax Compak Regular 16
Tampons – Multi pac 30
Toothpaste – Colgate Protection 100ml
Toothpaste – Signal Anti tarter 100ml
Mouth Wash – Colgate PLAX 500ml
Mouth Wash – Own Brand 500ml
Mouth Wash – Colgate PLAX 500ml

Links to the perfume companies web sites

– Armani.

– Chanel.

– Clarins.

– Clinique.

– Dior.

– Estee Lauder.

– Givenchy.

– Gucci.

– Lancombe.

– Loreal.

– Olay.

– Rochas.

Counterfeit products.


The dangers:

Counterfeit perfume can often burn your skin or leave you with a nasty rash. Tests on some fake fragrances have revealed that urine has been used as a stabiliser. Handley Brustad, Senior Trading Standards Officer at Cardiff County Council, reports:" With perfume, you really don't know what you're getting. We had one bottle of ‘perfume’ analysed, and found it to be pondwater with a fragrance added."

How to spot a fake:

Be wary of products with low-quality packaging, no logo, or mis-spelt brand names. Again, the biggest warning sign is the vendor. As perfumes are perceived as high-end products, they are mostly sold in large, reputable outlets – distrust the man on the street promising a bargain. Always buy from a trustworthy source.

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