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Information about French food brands you will find in French supermarkets-, the web magazine which saves you money when crossing the channel to Calais, to buy wine, beer, spirits and food, travelling by ferry or Eurotunnel.

French food & clothing brands

Here we list many of the web sites for the many brands available in a French supermarket. On this page we list the main French shopping chains we have come across and where we have found them, list links direct to their sites.

Many food company sites have recipes and other useful information and are therefore worth visiting. If you do shop in France and want to know a bit more about a French product, on this page we provide many useful links.

Food brands you find at many French supermarkets

Mineral water

andros fruit juice – Alain Milliat, juices, jams, compotes.

andros fruit juice – Alsace Lait, Dairy products (their fromage blanc is excellent).

andros fruit juice – Andros premium fruit Juices.

Bigard meats – Bigard. Fresh and frozen meats.

Bio Fournil – Bio Fournil.

bridor – Bridor breads and pastries.

Candia – Candia Milk products.

Candia – Cassegrain.

Les Chocolat de Beussent, 66, Route de Desvres, Beussent. 62170. Tel: 0033 321 86 17 62.

– Charal Meats and steaks.

Clement Faugier – Clement Faugier. Sweet Chestnut (Marron) products.

Crco – Crco. Bio (organic) cereal products.

Craline – Craline. Purees and soups.

Craline – D'Aucy, tinned products.

Delpierre – Delifrance. Bread, patisserie.

Delpierre – Delpierre, smoked fish.

Ebly cereal foods – Ebly, a range of cereal products worth looking out for and trying.

Ebly cereal foods – Elle et Vire, a range of dairy products.

le fournier smoked fish – Emile Fournier and Fils. Smoked fish.

– Fleury Michon, prepared foods.

– Francine, flours, breads, pastry.

Gamm Vert – Gamme Vert. Organic and sustainable products. Nearest store, Marquise (near Boulogne). 8 rue Ferber. 62250. Tel: 0033 321 92 90 33.

– Georges Deboeuf wines.

Gerlinea – Gerlinea.

Giovanni Rana – Giovanni Rana, makers of pasta products.

Le Gaulois – Le Gaulois, fresh and cooked meats, pizza, sandwiches etc.

Knorr Vie

Lu Cracottes – Labeyrie. Seafood, Duck, Foie Gras.

lentille verte du Puy – Lentils Verte du Puy.

Lu Cracottes – Lu Cracottes.

Lunor – Lunor.

Lustucru – Lustucru Pasta and Gnocchi.

Mamie Nova – Mamie Nova. Yoghurts.

Mamie Nova – Marie Morin. Yoghurts, traditional desserts.

– Materne. compotes, jams.

Mamie Nova – Matines (eggs).

Mamie Nova – Nature Addicts (dried fruits, snacks).

orangina – Orangina soft drinks (75 years old in 2011).

Produits Casino – Produits Casino.

puget olive oil – Puget, olive oil and products.

Saint Louis Sucre – Saint Louis Sucre. Sugars and diet sweeteners.

Tutti free

Marais salads – Marais. Salads.

Max Havelaar – Max Havelaar. Fairtrade foods generally available in hypermarkets.

Malango coffee – Malango coffee.

Max Havelaar – Petite Navire, tinned fish products.

Picard frozen food – Picard Frozen Foods.

- In Calais – Avenue Charles de Gaulle, 62231Coquelles. Tel: 0033 321 36 90 26.

- In Boulogne – ZI Le Blanc Pignon. 62280Saint Martin Boulogne. Tel: 0033 321 80 69 98.

President dairy products – President dairy products.

Rougie meat products – Rougie fois gras, terrines, products.

Sel de Gurande. / / /

– Museum –

sicoly fruit – Sicoly fruits.

St. Hubert – St. Hubert, spreads.

Tipiak – Tipiak. Tipiak is one of the world's largest manufacturers of couscous. We liked the Cous Cous and Polenta. They also make Tapioca Starch, Tapioca Pearls and Granulated Tapioca.

– Socopa Meat and dairy products. /

vrai french foods – Vrai. Fresh and dairy products.

French chocolate brands

French water brands

French clothing brands

armor lux clothing – Armor Lux Clothing.

Aubode lingerie – Aubode Lingerie.

Comptoir des Cotonniers – Comptoir des Cotonniers.

Comptoir des Cotonniers – Cos.

Daniel Hechter – Daniel Hechter.

Hermes – Hermes.

Jean Paul Gautier – Jean Paul Gautier.

Lacoste – Lacoste.

Mephisto shoes – Mephisto Shoes. A popular French brand with a loyal following.

Petit Bateau – Petit Bateau childrens clothes.

Yves saint Laurent – Yves saint Laurent.

French houseware brands

le creuset cooking – The Le Creuset factory outlet sells top quality enamelled cast-iron kitchen items at a 35-40% discount on the normal retail price.

guy degrenne shop – Guy Degrenne.

staub tableware – Staub cast iron and ceramic products.

French brands websites

French shopping brands – Site des Marques. Useful resource for French brand information.

Brands of the world – Find a brand logo.

Brands of the world – 100% made in France, useful resource.

Useful Outside links

– Check out the latest catalogue / leaflet offers (PDF).

– Rappels Produits (recall products), check this site if you want to know about product recalls in France.

shopping centres France – Conseil National des Centres Commerciaux. Find a French Centre Commercial (click the map of France).

business in France – Societe, for official information on a business.

boussole shop – Boussole. Useful directory for many shops and institutions in France.

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