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On this page;

Information about French shopping chains you will find on Centre Commercial –, the web magazine which saves you money when crossing the channel to Calais, to buy wine, beer, spirits and food, travelling by ferry or Eurotunnel.

Shopping chains in France

Drive around a French Centre Commercial and many of the shops are familiar where ever you go.

On this page we list the main French shopping chains we have come across and where we have found them, list links direct to their sites.

Shops and shopping chains in France

French food brands

To find the nearest branch when visiting the web sites, click on either "Proche de Chez vous" or "Nos magasins"

4 murs – 4 Murs. DIY.

Alice Delice shop – Alice Délice, a chain of shops mostly in the North of France, is an interesting cross between a grocery shop, tableware store, specialised bookshop and cookery workshop.

ambience and styles – Ambience and Styles.

AnimalisAnimalis. A French chain with 24 stores in France (nearest to Calais is near Rouen).

Aubert shop – Aubert, Baby clothes.

baby shops – Autours de Bébé.

Baobab garden shop – Jardinerie Baobab Gardening.

Batiman – Batiman. Windows, doors, staircases, cupboards etc. Southern France mainly. One shop in Pas de Calais (30, Le Mont Wanquetin. 62123 MONTENESCOURT).

baby shops – Bébé 9.

Biocoop – Biocoop. A chain of organic shops throughout France,.

Bonneterre – Bonneterre. A chain of health food shops in France. Two shops in Calais. 1) Nature et Beauté, 34 rue de la Paix. 62100 Calais. Tel: 0033 321 34 62 79. 2) Calais nature, 22 rue des 4 Coins 62100 Calais.

Boulanger – Boulanger. Electrical goods.

Mr Bricolage – Mr. Bricolage. DIY, Gardening, Decorating goods.

Bricoman – Bricoman. DIY.

Bricomarche – Bricomarché. DIY, building goods.

Bricorama – Bricorama. DIY, Gardening, Decorating goods.

Du Bruit dans la cuisine – Du Bruit dans la cuisine, fine foods, kitchen utensils and books – well worth a visit.

– Burton (Clothes – men & women).

But shop – BUT. furniture and household goods.

– Camaieu (Clothes – women).

Castorama – Castorama. Garden furniture, decorating products.

Cedeo – CEDEO – Plumbing and heating materials.

Chantemur – Chantemure.

Conforma – Conforama. Furniture and electrical goods.

Costkill – Costkill (mostly in the south of France).

Cuisinella – Cuisinella. Kitchen, Bathroom, Household.

cultura shopping – Cultura. A great store full of interesting bits and pieces, and a wide range of good quality books. Worth popping into if you are passing a store. The nearest store to Calais is in Henin Beaumont. Zone commerciale Noyelles Godault, Avenue du bord des eaux. 62110 Henin Beaumont. Tel: 0033 321 08 01 60.

Darty electrical – Darty. Electrical goods.

Decathlon – Décathlon is a sports wear chain.

de neuville chocolate – De Neuville chocolate shops.

Electro depot – Electro Depot. There is a shop near Cite Europe in Calais.

– Eram (shoes).

Feu Vert – Feu Vert.

– ETAM (Clothes – women).

Fly Meubles – Fly Meubles. Furniture.

FNAC shop – FNAC.

foir fouille – La Foire Fouille. House decoration and accessories.

Galeries Lafayette – Galleries lafayette.

Gamm Vert – Gamme Vert.

gedimat – Gedimat. DIY, building materials.

gemo shop France – GEMO – Clothes and shoes.

gifi shop – Gifi, Electronic goods. New store in Calais at the ZAC Curie.

Gitem – GITEM. Store in Dunkirk.

go sport shop calais – Go Sport, Sportswear.

gp decors – GP Decors, DIY stores.

– Jennyfer (Clothes – young women).

– Jules (Clothes – young men).

la grande recre – La Grande Recre (Nearest shop: Centre Commercial Marine ZAC des bassins 59140. Dunkirk. Tel: 0033 328 63 77 77).

halle aux chaussures – La Halle Chaussures. Shoes.

La Halles aux Vetements – La Halle. Clothes. Near Centre Auchan in Calais.


– The nearest store is at the Centre commercial de Lomme. Tel: 0033 320 93 36 77.

Intersport – Intersport.

Jacardi baby clothes – Jacardi Baby clothes. Large chain with many shops in France.

Jardiland – Jardiland. Garden Centre.

– The nearest store is towards Lille in Hazebrouk. Creulestrate. 59190 Hazebrouk. Tel: 0033 328 43 79 69.

L'Usine factory shop France – Jysk Household.

Keria lighting – Keria Lights (luminaires).

Kiabi clothes shop – Kiabi. Good value clothes.

kiloutou – Kilotou, Building materials and hire as well.

– Two places in Calais. 1) Reseau Pro, 68 avenue Saint Exupèry. 62100 Calais. Tel: 0033 321 96 69 03. 2) Z.A.C Curie, rue Gutenberg. 62100 Calais. Tel: 0033 321 17 70 70.

King Jouet – King Jouet.

Krys Optique – Kris Optique.

la peyre – Lapeyre. Doors and Windows.

leroy merlin calaisLeroy Merlin – DIY, Gardening, Decorating goods.

Lynx Optique – Lynx Optique.

maison de la presse – Maison de la Presse (newsagents).

Maxi Toys – Maxi Toys – toys.

Mephisto shoes – Mephisto Shoes. A popular French brand with a loyal following.

– Mim (Clothes – women).

Mobalpa – Mobalpa. Kitchens and Bathrooms.

monsieur meuble – Monsieur Meuble. Furniture.

Natalys. Gone into liquidation.

baby shops – New Baby.

Nocibe – NOCIBÉ Parfums and Beauté.

norauto tyres calais – Norauto – Car repair, brakes, tune up, tyres.

optique 2000 calais – Optique 2000.

shopping phildar France – Phildar (Wool).

Picard frozen food – Picard Frozen Foods.

1) Calais – Avenue Charles de Gaulle, 62231 Coquelles. Tel: 0033 321 36 90 26.

2) Boulogne – ZI Le Blanc Pignon. 62280 Saint Martin Boulogne. Tel: 0033 321 80 69 98.

picwic toys – PICWIC Toys.

1) Boulogne. Zone commerciale Auchan. 62280 St Martin Boulogne. Tel: 0033 391 90 14 40.

2) Dunkirk. 57, Quai Wilson.59 430 Saint Pol sur Mer. Tel: 0033 328 24 57 20.

– Pimkie (Clothes – young women).

Pizza Pai – Pizza Paï Pizza chain.

Point P – Point.P – DIY, Gardening, Decorating goods.

Printemps – Printemps Department store.

– Promod (Clothes – women).

Quick restaurants – Quick Restaurant, a European version of mac Donald's – sells salads and beer.

Saint Maclou – Saint Maclou. Carpets, rugs and plastic flooring.

satoriz bio food – Satoriz, a chain with most of its stores in the South of France.

Speedy Tyres – Speedy – Tyres replacement, batteries.

sport 2000 calais – Sport2000, (shops in Pas de Calais at; Aire sur la Lys, Berck sur Mer, Saint Pol sur Ternoise.

Tati clothes – Tati (Nearest shop; 68, Bd Faidherbe. 62200 Boulogne sur Mer).

Toys – TOYS 'R' US. toys.

trocante shop – La Trocante is a chain of shops where you can buy and sell second hand goods.

Troc France – Troc is another large French chain with 180 shops in France. Items can be bought on line or at their warehouses.

Truffaut – Truffaut has a wide range of garden and home products. Nearest stores are in Amiens and St Quentin though.

Vet Affaires – Vet'Affaires, clothing.

Vision Originale – Vision Originale.

Weldom – Weldom. DIY, Gardening, Decorating goods (Formerly known as OBI).

Useful Outside links

– Check out the latest catalogue / leaflet offers (PDF).

– Rappels Produits (recall products), check this site if you want to know about product recalls in France.

shopping centres France – Conseil National des Centres Commerciaux. Find a French Centre Commercial (click the map of France).

French shopping brands – Site des Marques. Useful resource for French brand information.

business in France – Societe, for official information on a business.

boussole shop – Boussole. Useful directory for many shops and institutions in France.

France to your door – France to your Door. French food and goods delivered to your United Kingdom address.

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