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Information on shopping for sportswear and sport shops in Calais, France –, the web magazine which saves you money when crossing the channel to Calais, to buy wine, beer, spirits and food, travelling by ferry or Eurotunnel.

sports shops calais

Sports and sports wear shops in Calais, France

It's always best to know the price of what you are looking for in the United Kingdom Before buying sportswear in France. Some things are definitely cheaper (ski wear and equipment often is), and items are often available in France, when there are problems finding them in the United Kingdom.

CREDIT CARDS – we suggest you ring your credit card company before shopping in France – increased fraud means they are turning down shoppers cards if their spending deviates from the norm. Take your mobile – you can often sort the problem out over the phone.

Sports Shops and sportwear in Calais, and France

Many items are much better value in France – but please check United Kingdom prices before you go – it's not always the case! Decathlon and Go sport are the leading sports suppliers in France.

Cite Europe

Courir. Tel: 0033 321 85 43 39.

Foot Locker. Tel: 0033 321 36 37 26.

go sport shop calaisGo Sport – Tel: 0033 321 36 23 43. Boite 339, Cite Europe. 62901. Coquelles Cedex. Open: Monday to Thursday 10.00am to 8.00pm, Friday 10.00am to 9.00pm, Saturday 9.00am to 8.00pm.


Athlète Foot, 35 Bd. Jacquard. Tel: 0033 321 96 98 99.

Decathlon – Décathlon is a sports wear chain. Rue de verdun, Z.A.C des Cailloux. 62100 Calais. Tel: 0033 321 00 05 00.

Speedway, 18 Bd. La Fayette. Tel: 0033 321 36 13 41.

sport 2000 calaisSport2000, (shops in Pas de Calais at; Aire sur la Lys, Berck sur Mer, Saint Pol sur Ternoise.

nike shoes – Nike Factory Store. Tel: 0033 321 35 52 27, Parc la Francaise, 62231 Coquelles, Calais.

nike store

Scuba Diving (plongée sous-marine)

Aquamarine, route écluse Trystram, 59140 Dunkirk. Tel: 0033 328 66 11 88.

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