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Information about Auchan Hypermarket in Calais –, the web magazine which saves you money when crossing the channel to Calais, to buy wine, beer, spirits and food, travelling by ferry or Eurotunnel.

Supermarkets in Calais - Auchan Hypermarket

Supermarkets in Calais - Auchan Hypermarket

Av. Roger Salengro, Route de Boulogne (RN1), Coquelles, Calais. 62100.

Tel: 0033 321 46 92 92.

Contact page:

Manager: Philippe Dufour

National website (Calais page).

Auchan's home delivery service – good for price checks.

auchan in calais – Auchan Drive. This service started 8th December 2010, order six hours before arriving and pay when you pick up your goods. Useful to check prices with.

Some of you may remember the Mammouth Supermarket which was here from 1986, but which was replaced by Auchan Hypermarket in 1997. The centre has grown a lot since then.

Open: Monday – Thursday 8.30am – 9.30pm. Friday and Saturday 8.30am – 10.00pm. Closed Sunday.

Fuel; Open 8.30am – 8.30pm (cashier). LPG is sold here as well.

Latest Auchan leaflets.

There is no Tabac at this Shopping Centre.

Auchan Calais no longer have a vouchers page – Finding the bargains at Auchan.

Spring wine fairs. The Spring Wine Fair at Auchan Calais is usually held from mid March to April each year.

October 2008 – Auchan now have a gardening section

January 2007 – The machines at Auchan Hypermarket petrol station in Calais now accept United Kingdom credit cards.

Auchan stores in France now accept United Kingdom credit cards for out of hours fuel.

Dunkirk – More about Auchan in Dunkirk

CREDIT CARDS – we suggest you ring your credit card company before shopping in France – increased fraud means they are turning down shoppers cards if their spending deviates from the norm. Take your mobile – you can often sort the problem out over the phone.

Tip – look out for the voucher books available near the entrance.

leroy merlin calais wine beer company calais

auchan calais hypermarket

2008 – Auchan Calais now have a self service rapid check out.

auchan checkout


A firm favourite with English shoppers, Auchan has everything you could want easily available, including cheap petrol. With the excellent French DIY shop, Leroy Merlin at the same centre, this is a convenient place to come.

Buying cold items? Auchan have free bags of ice in the frozen compartements for you.

auchan moins cher – Le Moins Cher. Look out for this sign – it signifies good value.


Waaoh! (loyalty card)

If you buy a Waaoh product, shown in the Waaoh catalogue (entrance of the shop) and on the shelves, you get some money credited to your Waaoh account.

All you have to do is present your loyalty card at the cashier. Check the amount at the bottom of your receipt and offset this against purchases.

You may also receive personalised vouchers which correspond to the products that you really like. These can be used next time you shop at Auchan Calais.

Forms are available at the information desk. Make sure you use it thought – unused cards are voided after a while.

TIP from a shopper – buy your expensive items like wine first, then go back in for your groceries and make use of the vouchers given to you.

Local promotions

We find the national Auchan site is more up to date – use the "code postal" 62100 to get in.

How to pay;

Credit Cards – mastercard Francevisa France – CB – Debit Cards – £'s – euro – Travellers cheques. Barclays cashpoint in centre.

Auchan now allows you to pay by credit card but in sterling (Visa and Mastercards) – should make it easier checking bills. The amount you will see on your bill is the final amount due and what is on your receipt.

They say they will be offering competitive rates, hopefully this means better rates than offered when paying with cash. You can decide if you want to pay in euro or sterling when you put your card in the machine and are offered a choice of pressing 1 for sterling and 2 for euro. In our experience there is little to choose between sterling or euro, you are safe choosing either. It is usally better to choose euro though as some companies load the rate.


From Ferry – take the A16, direction Boulogne, then exit 41 or 43, direction Coquelles.

From Eurotunnel – take the A16, direction Boulogne, then exit 41, and follow AUCHAN sign.

Foot passengers – Free bus to Rail station, Connect with no. 1 or 3 to Auchan.

opale carrefour

Auchan are promoting local companies and regional producers. Where you see this logo it indicates that it is from a local producer.

Other Auchan Stores.

Channel ports

Boulogne – Open; 8.30am to 10.00pm. Auchan Côte d'Opale Rte Nationale 42 62280 Saint Martin Boulogne. Tel: 0033 321 10 11 12.

Calais – Open; 8.30am to 10.00pm. Avenue Roger Salengro 62100 Calais. Tel: 0033 321 46 92 92.

Cherbourg – Open; 8.30am to 10.00pm. Centre commercial du Cotentin 50470 La Glacerie. Cherbourg. Tel: 0033 233 88 13 13.

Dieppe – C Cial Belvédère. 76371. Tel: 0033 232 90 52 00.

Dunkirk – Open; 8.30am to 10.00pm. Route Nationale 40 59760 Grande Synthe. Dunkirk. Tel: 0033 328 58 55 55.

Le Havre – Open; 8.30am to 9.30pm. C.C. Grand Cap 76620 Le Havre. Tel: 0033 235 54 71 71.


Amiens Sud -Route de Paris. 80044 Dury Les Amiens. Tel: 0033 322 33 53 00

Arras – 6 rue Claude Bernard. 62000. Tel 0033 321 51 98 98.

Montivilliers -C. Cial Le Grand Havre – La Lézarde. 76290. Tel: 0033 232 79 64 00

St Omer -C. Cial Fort Maillebois Rte d'Arques. 62500 Longuenesse. Tel: 0033 321 98 78 00

St Quentin -Rte d'Amiens RN 44. 62100. Saint-Quentin Le Fayet. Tel: 0033 323 67 84 00

Organic or BIO products

Auchan now has a good range of organic and fairtrade products available.

auchan bio calais

Finding the offers at Auchan

The cheapest products at Auchan are marked "Le moins cher" (the cheapest). Note "premiere prix" means best price.

auchan moins cher

Also look out for own brand products. At Auchan they are marked like this:

auchan special offer

auchan products

Supermarket wines on offer are often very good value. If in doubt, but a bottle, sample it in the car park, and if you like it return for more. This Merlot, a good choice for an everyday table wine costs about £1.14 a bottle (September 2008)

auchan supermarket calais wine

Look out for the signs above the isles. This one advertises Auchan's store card, Whaao. You get credits and offers when you buy something for use on your next shop.

auchan offers France

There are often special offers, often seasonal or local. This one advertises buy two get one free.

auchan offer

auchan prices calais

Useful Outside links

– Check out the latest catalogue / leaflet offers (PDF).

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