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For day trippers, shoppers and visitors to Adinkerke in Belgium – looking for tobacco shops – wanting to save money when buying tobacco in Adinkerke, as well as cigarettes, cigars and chocolates.

tobacco in belgium

Tobacco in Belgium

Tobacco prices

NEW from 1st October 2011. TOBACCO guidelines for personal use – 800 cigarettes (was 3,200), 200 cigars, 400 cigarillos, 1 Kg smoking tobacco (was 3 Kg).

- February 2013 Blog posting about prices

TIPS when buying tobacco in Adinkerke

Useful link – shows next shoppers trips by date.

May 2014 – Golden Virginia now costs £5.35 a pack (6.80 euro) in Luxembourg. Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £3.87 (4.80 euro) a pack of 20. Tax increases in Belgium mean that Golden Virginia now costs £5.45 a pack (6.80 euro). Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £4.50 (5.70 euro). In the U.K. GV costs £17.26, Benson and Hedges Gold now costs £8.87.

February 2014 – Golden Virginia now costs £5.35 a pack (6.80 euro) in Luxembourg. Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £3.87 (4.80 euro) a pack of 20. Tax increases in Belgium mean that Golden Virginia now costs £5.45 a pack (6.80 euro). A pack of Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £4.50 (5.70 euro). In the U.K. GV costs £17.26, Benson and Hedges Gold now costs £8.87.

In other words buy the guidelines (3Kg GV and 800 cigarettes) and save £874.60 in Luxembourg, £835.40 in Belgium, and £481.76 in France.

January 2014 – The improving exchange rate mean that in Belgium Golden Virginia now costs £5.15 a pack (6.40 euro). A pack of Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £4.55 (5.40 euro).

August 2nd 2013 – In Belgium Golden Virginia now costs £5.30 a pack (6.40 euro). A pack of Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £4.55 (5.40 euro) in Belgium.

July 2013 – In Belgium a pack of Golden Virginia now costs £5.15 (6.30 euro). The increase in the cash, sterling price is due to the deteriorating exchange rate. In France a pack costs £9.46 (50gm). A pack of Benson & Hedges Gold cigarettes costs £4.30 in Belgium (5.30 euro). In France a packet costs £5.31. Tobacco prices in the U.K. rise by 2% above the RPI every year (since 2010). Prices go up in France again in July and October.

July 15th 2013 – prices will rise by 20 centimes a pack of cigarettes in France. Marlboro, the No1 brand, rises from 6.60 to 6.80 euro (about £5.96). In the U.K. they cost £7.98. Despite the increases in taxes in France cigarettes are still 25% cheaper.

June 2013 – In Belgium a pack of Golden Virginia now costs £5.05 (6.30 euro). In France a pack costs £9.46. A pack of Benson & Hedges Gold cigarettes costs £4.30 in Belgium (5.30 euro). In France a pack costs £5.31. Tobacco prices in the U.K. rise by 2% above the RPI every year (since 2010). Prices go up in France again in July and October.

March 2013 – U.K. Budget. Golden Virginia now costs £15.85(a 64 pence increase on last year) in the U.K. In Belgium a pack costs £4.95 (a 20 pence increase on last year). In France a pack costs £9.46. A pack of Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £7.71 in the U.K., in Belgium a pack costs £4.30. In France a pack costs £5.31. Tobacco prices in the U.K. rise by 2% above the RPI every year (since 2010).

February 2013 – Prices up again (tax increases and due to the exchange rate). In Belgium Golden Virginia now costs £4.95 (Luxembourg £4.95), and Benson & Hedges Gold £43.00 (Luxembourg £39.00).

2012 October – French tobacco prices increase by 6%. I checked the prices mentioned in the French newspaper article I read. They said a packet of Marlboro cigarettes (one of the top selling cigarettes in France) would cost 6.50 euro from October. In the U.K. they are £7.39. In other words even after the increase, they will still cost 35% more at home, or 26% less in France. Work it out – buying one sleeve (200) in France will save you about £37.00. Buy 800 and you save nearly £150. In Belgium they cost £4.10 a packet, so you would save £255 if you bought 800.

May 2012 – Golden Virginia now costs £15.33 in the U.K. In Belgium it is £4.65. A pack of Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £7.35 in the U.K., in Belgium it costs £4.10.

March 2012 – U.K. Budget. Golden Virginia now costs £15.21 in the U.K. In Belgium it is £4.75. A pack of Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £7.37 in the U.K., in Belgium it costs £4.00.

February 2012 – Golden Virginia now costs £4.75 in Belgium.

February 2012 – Fightback! Our friends at Smoking Hot continue with their great work. Why not print these leaflets and give them to fellow shoppers / leave them on the ferry etc?.

We found it easier to download the pdf (opens up after download) – Back / Front.

2012 October – French tobacco prices increase by 7.6%.

January 2012 – Good news. As a result of the imporving exchange rate, the average eprice of a sleeve of cigarettes has gone down to £41.00, and that of Golden Virginia tobacco to £4.50.

September 2011 – More roadworks, until 20th October. Whilst you can leave the A16 autoroute to get to Adinkerke, you can't rejoin it. Take the old Route National road (N1) along the canal and rejoin the A16 near Dunkirk.

April 2011 – We now know officially that Customs have imposed limits on the amounts of British tobacco that can be exported to E.U. countries. "The quota being supplied now is equal to what was sold to Belgium (and Luxembourg) in the period September 2009 and August 2010. The difference is that the quota is divided into equal monthly amounts. There is no distinction into seasonal rushes or quiet periods. According to Imperial, this quota remains for now under Custom's supervision and there is no room for growth." Smaller shops are complaining the bigger suppliers are not supplying them fairly, favouring the bigger shops. We are also getting complaints from shoppers that they are only being sold the popular brands if they buy other brands as well. This creates enormous difficulties for shoppers when dealing the HMRC / UKBA oppressors at Dover and Hull. We have finally aroused the interest of the Commission and will be persuing this case vigorously.

April 2011 – Prices have increased, mainly due to the exchange rate being so awful. Golden Virginia is now £4.70 a 50gram pack (£14.09 in England) and Benson and Hedges Gold cigarettes are now £42.00 per sleeve of 200 (£67.60 in England).

March 2011 – Supply of the most popular English tobacco's remains an issue and we feel it may be better to allow a little more time when in Adinkerke, to visit more of the shops to get what you want. Might be worth e-mailing or ringing them beforehand to check if they have or can keep supplies for you.

February 2011 – Golden Virginia is now £4.40 in Belgium (4.90 euro). The same pack costs £12.75 in the U.K.

October 2010 – Golden Virginia, which remains in short supply now costs £4.10 a packet in Belgium. Benson and Hedges now costs £39. Why is the supply restricted?

August 2010 – Golden Virginia is now £3.85 in Belgium. Tobacco availability in Belgium. Following a large Customs bust when a lorry carrying a huge quantity of Amber leaf bought in Luxembourg, was stopped at Dover, the tobacco companies have been prevailed upon to restrict the sale of English tobacco in Europe. Amber leaf is very difficult to get now. We are making representations to the E.U. about this as it is a clear breach of free trade and good swithin the E.U. Now they are requiring shops in Adinkerke to serve English shoppers with the suggested guidelines only (3000 cigarettes and 3 kg rolling tobacco).

July 2010 – Prices down in Belgium on many cigarettes (but only if you pay sterling cash)! Benson and Hedges now £37.50 a sleeve (200)

June 2010 – Prices down in Belgium (but only if you pay sterling cash)! Benson and Hedges now £38.50 a sleeve (200) and Golden Virginia tobacco now £3.75.

Unbelievable but true! Tobacco prices go down as well as up

May 2010. Prices down in Belgium, but some increases expected shortly (manufacturer increase). Tobacco (50g) – GV now 4.50 euro (£3.85), Cutters 4.10 euro (£3.50), Amber 4.00 euro (£3.40), Old Holborn 5.25 euro (£4.50), Samson 4.90 euro (£4.20), Drum and soon GV 4.70 euro (£4.00), Turner 3.90 euro (£3.20 special price because Belgian manufacturer).

United Kingdom budget 2010 – Tobacco duty increased from 25th March by 1% above inflation and will then increase by 2% in real terms each year until 2014.

According to our calculations this means that a packet of cigarettes previously costing £5.60 will in 2014, after the last 2% increase cost 9.33% more in real terms or £6.12. Remember to add in the inflation increase automatically incurred every year.

February 2010 – February 22nd to 2nd April. Roadworks again. Please use exit 65 or go up to Veurne and turn back along the old Route National (the exit is also closed from the north).

January 2010 – The following cigarettes are being phased out in Belgium – Mayfair Superkings, Mayfair Skyblue, Sovereign, Richmond, JP Superkings.

October – Prices up because of the weakening pound. GV now £3.90 and BandH's now £39.50 a sleeve.

June 3rd – Good news at last. The tobacco companies are reducing the price of Golden Virginia tobacco from £4.55 to £3.70 from today (Wednesday). Cigarette prices have also been reduced, Benson and Hedges is now £38.00 per 200.

April 22nd – United Kingdom Budget news. Cigarettes up 7 pence a packet of 20, Rolling tobacco up 14 pence per 50 gram packet.

April 2009 – Benson and Hedges is now £39.50 a sleeve and Golden Virginia is now £4.55 a packet.

Compared to England, tobacco is cheaper in France (Tobacco in France) and much cheaper in Belgium. Whilst there, we suggest you buy chocolates which are very cheap as well. Increasingly, wines, beers and spirits are available at reasonable prices as well. Most shoppers visit the town of Adinkerke, just over the border with France. Poperinge, near Lille has a few shops as well geared towards the English shopper (Sterling cash accepted). Coaches tend to go to Adinkerke, Lorry drivers (for whom the detour to Adinkerke can be monitored on their tachographs) tend to stop off at Poperinge. History

Adinkerke roadworks – 6th April 2009. The roadworks which have proved very disruptive both to shoppers and shopkeepers are finally over.

When shops close. Confusingly many more shops now close on a Friday, a quiet day of the week for United Kingdom visiting shoppers. Some even close on Monday as well. However there still 25 plus shops in Adinkerke and most remain open 7 days a week.

Latest prices

French law regarding the transportation of tobacco

Unhappy French tobacconist's – here's why.

Price check (June 2007). Fancy that! People moan that things are not what they use to be. However if you consider that Golden Virginia cost £1.80 in Belgium in 1998 and in the United Kingdom it cost £7.80, that equals a saving of £6.00 a packet (50 grams). In 2007 the Belgium price has risen to £3.15, and in England it is now £10.66. The saving is now £7.51 a packet.

With cigarettes the saving has actually widened even more. In 1998 Marlboro cost £1.91 in Belgium in 1998 and in the United Kingdom it cost £3.36, that equals a saving of £1.45 a packet. In 2007 the Belgium price has risen to £2.90, and in England it is now £5.31. The saving is now £2.41 a packet.

Previous increases

On average compared with the United Kingdom, cigarettes are now 48.66% cheaper in Belgium, rolling tobacco 73.93%, pipe tobacco 61.46% and cigars 63.81%.

January 2014 – Save £482 in France, £835 in Belgium, £875 in Luxembourg and stay within the limits! SAVE from 55% up to 184%!

A poem

Although HM Revenue and Customs suggested limit for personal consumption is 800 (was 3,200) cigarettes, this is a guideline only. Anyone smoking 30 cigarettes a day, buying 6 months supply would buy about 5,500 (is this unreasonable?). YES – you may have your car taken. How to avoid being tripped up by Revenue and Customs

Mug an old lady and keep your car, come back with more than 3,200 cigarettes and lose it – FAIR? More

TAKE CARE! – criminal gangs operate in France and Belgium targeting British cars. More

This guide is published by to encourage United Kingdom citizens to shop in France and Belgium and beat the appalling Customs and Excise crackdown on European Shoppers, as well as excessive taxation in the United Kingdom.


Adinkerke with a population of about 2,900 is the Belgium town British and French shoppers visit to buy cheap tobacco.

After 1993 when duty free was abolished (and the restrictions that came with these rules) day-tripping by legitimate shoppers' and smugglers took off.

Shoppers visited France for beer and wine, and Belgium for tobacco where prices were cheaper still.

Unable to offer discounts, shops gave even better prices by offering generous exchange rates if you paid in sterling.

With over 25% of tobacco consumed in the United Kingdom bought abroad, Hm Customs and Excise (now HM Revenue and Customs) began to take drastic action. Out went any presumption of innocence, if a Customs Officer decided you wer a smuggler you lost your goods and car.

Over the years a few Court cases reduced these powers (Customs can no longer take cars belonging to other people for example). The previous EU Commission Mr Bolkestein was the shoppers champion, his replacement Laszlo Kovacs has done nothing at all to defend shoppers rights. We will be lobbying his replacement Algirdas Semeta, and hope he will prove more receptive to ordinary citizens pleas for justice.

Although things are better for shoppers at our ports, seizures still occur, and penalties are levied. Many now fly to Spain and East Europe despite the restrictions on quanity, as it is less dangerous (vehicle seizures) than passing through a port.

The difference in prices between Belgium and The United Kingdom are slowly being eroded with tax increases by the Belgian Government and suppliers. However prices are still very much lower (especially for Golden Virginia), and a day-trip very much worthwhile (2007).

Dates / News

December 2007 – The threatened canal works have now started. It is now impossible to get to Discount Tobacco and Tobacco Alley from the A16 Adinkerke turnoff. You must leave before the Belgian border and follow the old Route National towards Belgium.


Adinkerke is about 34kms or 50 minutes drive from Calais.

Fake cigarettes – always look for tar content i.e. nic: 1.0mg and tar: 12mg. Fakes don't have this information.

Good News – pouch tobacco in Belgium is sold in 50g packs. Get a receipt, as you may need for customs.

Warning Shops often use a generous exchange rate when working out the Sterling CASH price, so do take plenty of sterling cash when buying tobacco to get the best prices. Whilst you can pay by credit card, bear in mind that the price that shows on your statement will be about 7% more than the sterling prices listed in the shop.

CREDIT CARDS – we suggest you ring your credit card company before shopping in France – increased fraud means they are turning down shoppers cards if their spending deviates from the norm. Take your mobile – you can often sort the problem out over the phone.

Warning The popular 24 hour tobacco shops in Adinkerke, Belgium are closed 10.00pm – 6.00am.

Shopping and Ciggies? Try Centre Commercial Mi-Voix if you want to buy both booze and baccy when in France shopping.

Knock, Knock?

Believe it or not, but even if you are only slightly over the limit and they let you through, you may get a visit and house search afterwards by C and E. So much for civil liberties in a modern society.

Careful Pouch tobacco in France is sold in 40g packets, in Belgium they are 50g. Get a receipt, particularly if buying in Belgium, you may need it for customs.

Warning Avoid buying tobacco in local pubs from Luxembourg – if you don't have a receipt it will be confiscated.

If you smoke or know a smoker why not buy your Xmas presents in France and Belgium? Remember you are giving these items as presents – never admit to taking money for them, even from your family.

Prices in Belgium

Prices are regulated in Belgium, but by offering generous exchange rate for shoppers paying in Sterling (cash), the shops are able to give very good prices to British shoppers. Pay by credit card and you will be charged in euro which works out about 6% more. Tax increases tend to be small and regular.

Unavailable in Belgium

In Belgium you cannot get Berkley, John Players Navy Cut non filter, Senior Service non filter, Pall Mall non filter.

2008 – Dorchester and Sovereign are no longer available. There is a new brand to replace them though – Sterling Superkings.

August 2003 – These brands are now available – Dorchester, Mayfair Superkings, Silk Cut Purple 100s, Benson and Hedges Silver 100's, Mayfair Sky Blue, Club King Size, Sovereign, Ronson. If you know of any more please let us know – e-mail us

Some cigarettes are not available in France and Belgium. We know that the following are not available in France; Consulate Menthol, Sovereign, Silk Cut 100's, Royals (at the Euroshop in the Eurotunnel Terminal the following are available; Rothmans Royals, Silk Cut 100's). In France More are called TIME Menthol.

Stop Shop are now selling Royal cigarettes.

Foot Passengers

Click here for more information

Shops in Belgium

For best prices pay in Sterling cash.

The little town of Adinkerke, just over the Belgium border has become a mecca for English shoppers looking for a bargain. There are at least 20 shops side by side vying for the United Kingdom customer – prices are competitive. The prices we quote in our price survey should be seen as a guideline only as prices change often. There are also shops in Ostende and Zeebrugge, as well as Poperinge.

Shops in Adinkerke

Most shops use to be open 24 hours a day. Now however (2005), the local mayor has closed them between 10.00pm and 6.00am.

(37) STOP and SHOP Tobacco

Dijk 1, Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 42 18 73.

(15) REAL Tobacco – Tobacco and Chocolates.

Three shops in Adinkerke

Main shop; Garzebekeveldstraat 15 – 8660 Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 42 16 28.

Real l'Auberge (old Eastenders Border shop), Duinkerkekeiweg 22, 8660 Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 42 09 20.

Tabac Real XL, Dijk 22 /8660 Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 42 08 25.

Real Tobacco Pub, Dijk 6. 8660 Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 62 39 50.

Tobacco Warehouse 24/24, Nieuwe herberg 1. 8690 Alveringem-Veurne. Tel: 0032 58 28 71 71.

Also near Lille.

Tabac Real&Co., Place du marché, Rue Dansette 6. 7783 Le Bizet. Tel: 0032 56 49 44 70.

Other shops

(2) Tobacco Alley – Tobacco and Spirits. Duinkerkekeiweg 16, 8660 De Panne – Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 41 04 15.

(6) Euro Tobacco – Tobacco and Spirits. Duinkerkekeiweg 1, 8660 Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 41 19 81.

(10) English Smokers – Tobacco and Spirits. Moeresteenweg 6, 8660 Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 42 26 69.

(12) All Tobacco. Garzebekeveldstraat 24, 8660 B – Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 42 27 03.

(13) P and J – Chocolate Maker and Tobacco Shop (also at Auchan Centre, Calais). Dijk 3, B8660 Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 42 00 27.

Second shop – P and J – Chocolate Maker and Tobacco Shop. Tel: 0032 58 42 16 56.

(17) Online Tobacco. Duinkerkekeiweg 5, 8660 De Panne – Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 -.

(21) Tobacco Roberto. Moeresteenweg 3, 8660 Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 422 077.

(25) BEST Tobacco. Garzebekeveldstraat 4, 8660 B – Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 51 00 21. Closed Fridays.

(26) Tobacco AD. Duinkerkekeiweg 10, 8660 De Panne – Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 41 11 39.

(29) Smuggler Corner. Dijk 5, B8660 Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 42 16 07.

(30) Discount Tobacco Sales. Duinkerkekeiweg 20, 8660 De Panne – Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 42 18 40.

(33) The Tobacconist. Garzebekeveldstraat 11, 8660 B – Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 41 45 30.

(41) INTER Tobacco. Garzebekeveldstraat 3, 8660 Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 42 05 06.

(42) Smokey River (Use to be The Small Biridge) Tobacco. Dijk 11, 8660 Adinkerke.

(43) Black and White Tobacco – (was Nelson's). Garzebekeveldstraat 3, 8660 Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 42 05 06.

(45) Tobacco Terminus – Stationsplein 1 – 8660 Adinkerke (Closest to Tramway station). Tel: 0032 58 41 44 20.

46) Red & White Tobacco shop – Duinkerkekeiweg, 8660 De Panne – Adinkerke.

avenue69 sexshopAvenue 69 – Erotic Shop. Garzebekeveldstraat 7, 8660 B – Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 62 35 88. Mobile: 0032 499 12 75 25. Sex toys and DVD's are 15 – 30% cheaper in Belgium.

(47) Have we missed a shop?

Closed down / Gone out of business

(19) Travellers Rest. Dijk, B8660 Adinkerke.

(8) Eastenders – Tobacco and Spirits. BOTH SHOPS CLOSED.

(9) Premier Tobacco.

(22) Ash 2 Ashes.

(23) Vegas Tobacco – old shop.

(1) Café Panne – Tobacco and Spirits.

(18) The Tobacco Farm – Now STOP and SHOP

(31) Smokey River, next to the Texaco Garage.

(36) – Vegas Tobacco.

(34) – Westland Tobacc.

(35) Place 2B. Duinkerkekeiweg.

(5) Tobacco Store – Tobacco and Spirits.

(3) D and O – Tobacco and Chocolates.

(11) Nelson – Tobacco and Spirits.

(14) Royal – Tobacco and Spirits.

(21b) ALL in 1. November 2007.

(36) 2 SMOKE (old Ash2ashes shop).

(38) Vegas. November 2007.

(27) Havana Heaven (S and J bvba). November 2007.

(28) King Size. November 2007.

(4) Smoke Star – Tobacco and Spirits. Garzebekeveldstraat 5, 8660 B – Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 42 23 69.

(16) J and J.

(24) The Corner Shop Tobacco.

(40) Smokey River.

(39) Coronation Street. Dijk 7, Adinkerke, De Panne 8660. Tel: 0032 58 41 03 87.

(46) Saint Flora Castle Shop (coaches only), Kasteellaan 4, B-8630 Veurne. De Moeren.

(7) Filip's Tobacco Corner – Tobacco and Spirits. Moeresteenweg 1, 8660 Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 41 01 34. Closed December 2011.

Night Shops and on the autoroute

The Tobacco Warehouse in Veurne (A16 – exit 1A, direction Ieper) is open through the night – except Saturday closes at 6.00pm, Sunday 8.00pm (Alveringhem, Belgium. Tel: 0032 58 28 71 71).

Texaco Mannekensvere Autoroute E40-A18 (about 25km north of the French / Belgium border). Stocks a wide range of tobaccos, including Golden Virginia. They also accept Sterling. This is a very useful place if you're in a hurry and don't want to go into Adinkerke when returning from a holiday or trip.

Sex -DVD's, Toys (and tobacco)

avenue69 sexshopAvenue 69 – Erotic Shop. Garzebekeveldstraat 7, 8660 B – Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 62 35 88. Mobile: 0032 499 12 75 25. Sex toys and DVD's are 15 – 30% cheaper in Belgium.

Local Hotels

Hotel Cecil, Markt 14. 8660. De Panne. Belgium. Tel: 0032 58 41 13 41.

Wines, Beers, Spirits and Groceries

Increasingly these are now available at most shops and at some good prices. A shop with a reasonable range include Stop and Shop.

The closest place in France for French wines is;

Au Pont de Ghyvelde, Poste Frontiere Ghyvelde. France. Tel: 0033 328 26 53 80. Open Monday to Saturday from 7.00am to 9.00pm (Saturday 7.00pm). Nice selection of wines. Drive past Texaco into France from Adinkerke and it's just before the first set of traffic lights.

Auchan Hypermarket – Flandre Littorale, RN40, rue de l'Ancien Village. 59760. Grande Synthe, Dunkerque. Tel: 0033 328 58 55 55.

On the French / Belgium Border – Carrefour Market, Brays Dunes, 49 rue Pierre Decock. 59123. Tel: 0033 328 26 51 60. Open; Monday to Saturday 8.30am to 7.30pm, Sundays 8.30am to 12.15pm.

In Adinkerke

LIDL Supermarket, De Panne (Adinkerke).

Delhaize (Adinkerke). Tel: 0032 58 41 20 04. Open: Monday to Saturday 9.00am to 8.00pm, Sunday 10.00am to 6.30pm.

Belgium Chocolate Shops – more about Chocolate

These shops have a good range of chocolates.

(13) P and J – Chocolate Maker and Tobacco Shop (also at Auchan Centre, Calais). Dijk 3, B8660 Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 42 00 27.

(20) Confiserie Dalipan – Chocolates only. De Pannelaan 77, 8660 Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 41 49 58. This shop is in the main town itself – instead of turning left towards the tobacco shops at the roundabout, go straight over and on for about a mile (it's on the right, just before the tram crossing).

leonidas chocolates

(37) Leonidas Shop (In the STOP and SHOP Tobacco Centre). Dijk 1, Adinkerke. Tel: 0032 58 42 18 73. Also in De Panne (better range) De Pannelaan 77, 8660. Tel: 0032 58 41 49 58. The shop is just before the tram crossing.

Petrol Station

Diesel is cheap in France but no longer so in Belgium due to tax rises. The Total FINA Garage in the centre of Adinkerke is cheapest, and at the end of the main road in Adinkerke along the canal is a Texaco garage (Duinkerkekeiweg 19. Tel: 0032 58 42 13 76. Open: 7/7, 6.00am – 10.00pm). Petrol Price Survey


De Muizeval, Duinkerkekeiweg 20, Adinkerke. 8660. Tel: 0032 58 42 16 00.

Poperinge, near Lille (but in Belgium)

Just over the border off the A25 towards Lille are some new shops (one in the old customs office).

Christine's Tobacco Shop, Kattestraat 18, Poperinge. Tel: 0032 57 48 69 25 (we are just past the old customs point). Open: Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 9.15pm. Saturday 9.00am to 5.00pm. Sunday – closed. Helpful and offering excellent prices.

General Store Tobacco Shop (on the N1 road), Callicanesweg 10, Poperinge-Abeele (exit 28 A25, then exit 13 Steenvoorde). Tel: 0032 57 46 95 30. Open: Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 8.00pm. Saturday, 8.00am to 3.00pm. Sunday, Closed.

Q8 Petrol station and Shop, Terminus – Callicannes. 8978. Watou – Poperinge. Tel: 0032 57 38 82 87.

Tiffany's Beer and Tobacco (in petrol station shop), 20 Callicannesweg. 8978. Watou – Poperinge. Tel: 0032 57 38 87 08. Excellent selection of beers at good prices. Beer lovers may wish to come here for this reason alone. Beer Prices

Restaurant nearby in Watou worth visiting.

Other shops in Belgium, a group with shops all over Belgium.


Tobacco Store, Visserskaai 8. 8400 Oostende. Tel: 0032 59 807 280.

British Tobacco Shop (in front of Railway station), Vindictivelaan, 33 B-8400 Oostende. Tel: 0032 59 70 80 05. The shop is open 7 days a week from 9.00 am till 6.00 pm, closed Sunday morning.

Noel's Baccy Store. Van Iseghemlaan 24. 8400 Ostende. Belgium. Tel; 0032 59 23 80 44.

P and J The Factory. Oostendse Baan 152. 8470 Snaaskerke. Belgium. Tel: 0032 475 35 99 38.

BUSCARPARK, Mercator, Leopold III- laan, 17, 8400 Ostend. Tel: 0032 59 27 31 98.

Cigar and Pipe Shop; Vierstraete, St. Petrus and Paulusplein 6. B-8400. Oostende. Tel: 0032 59 80 09 52. Open: Monday to Friday 10.00am to 12.30pm, 2.00 to 6.30pm (Saturday to 6.00pm).

Know of any others? Please let us know

Or try this link.

North of Adinkerke – just off the A16.

De Arend, 4km off the motorway towards Ypres (Exit 1A). Tel: 0032 58 29 82 83. Open: Monday to Friday 7.00am to 7.00pm. Closed Thursday. Saturday and Sunday 8.00am to 7.00pm.

Getting to Ostende by foot from Zeebrugge.

From Zeebrugge you can take the PO Ferries coach transfer to Bruges, then the train to Ostende (can be expensive). Or, at the ferry terminal reception desk, order a taxi to take you to the Monte Carlo Bar which is about two minutes drive away (cost about 8 euro). A short walk from here is a tram stop to Ostende which costs about 3 euro and takes about 35 minutes. Get off at Ostende train station, cross the bridge nearby, and close by is the British Tobacco shop. Buy your ticket from the tram driver.


Tobacco Road 88, Baron de Maerelaan 300. 8380. Zeebrugge. Tel: 0032 50 82 06 22. From the ferry follow direction Bruges (N31) for about 3km. Yellow building on right.

Or try this link.


Jerry's Cigar Bar, Simonstevinplein 13. 8000 Bruges.Tel: 050 33 77 94. Open; Monday to Saturday 8.00am to 6.30pm.

– good place stop, have a drink and stock up with tobacco and whisky's. Nice and central.

Bruges Tobacco shop.

– Shop 1, Vrijdagmarkt 13, 8000 Bruges. Tel. 0032 50 333 181. Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm, Sunday 10.00am to 5.30pm.

– Shop 2, Katelijnestraat 45, 8000 Bruges. Tel. 0032 50 343 754. 7/7 From 9.30am to 6.00pm.

There is a TABAC in Mariastraat.

Or try this link.


Tobacco is even cheaper here, as there are lower excise duties and VAT is low. However it is a four hour drive from Calais.


Take the A16 towards Dunkerque, keep going (motorway becomes E40) until exit 1 (look for a green sign on its own). At the roundabout follow the signs for Dunkerque (left). The shops are about 600m on the left.

Getting from Calais to Adinkerke by train / bus

From a site visitor – Get either the direct train from Calais to Dunkirk (about 3 or 4 a day – otherwise avoid the trains since they involve long diversions and take hours) or the coach from outside the railway station in Calais. Go to the bus station in Dunkirk (outside railway station) then catch bus 2B which runs once an hour. An all day ticket costs the same as two singles and can be bought from the driver. This bus terminates at La Panne which is about a kilometre from the main village of Adinkerke. If you are only going for ciggies then a better bet is to get off the 2B at the stop called Frontiere. You can't miss it since most of the passengers on the bus are French doing their cross border shopping. There are a few shops selling tobacco there and you have about 30 – 40 minutes before the same bus returns from the La Panne terminus.

If you want to visit other towns alongs the coast, we suggest you use the tram which runs along the whole coast of Belgium.

rail delijne belgium – Bus Company.

rail deskusttram – Belgium Tram.

The Belgian Coast Tram is apparently the longest tram line in the world. It follows the entire Belgian coastline from De Panne, on the French border, to Knokke, on the Dutch border. There are a total of 70 stops over the 68 kilometres and all the coastal towns and villages can be visited.

Minibus from Calais and Zeebrugge to Adinkerke

adinkerke tobacco

adinkerke map


Avenue 69 is now running a minibus from Calais and Zeebrugge. Contact them for details and to book a seat. They have a new Mercedes Vito minibus (9 seater long wheel base and fully insured), with plenty of legroom and room for luggage, which is used for picking up customers in the port (s). Cost is 7.50 euro a head return.

Discount Tobacco no longer offer a mini bus service.

When buying up to the suggested British Guidelines for tobacco purchases abroad you will save loads of money – Tobacco prices in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Sample Prices

The most popular cigarette brands in the United Kingdom (2001)

There are around 15 million adult smokers in the United Kingdom which equates to one third of the adult population.

United Kingdom consumers spent almost £12.5 billion on United Kingdom duty-paid tobacco products in 2000.

Sales amounted to 56 billion cigarettes, 2.8 million kg of hand rolling and pipe tobacco and 900 million cigars.

The United Kingdom market for tobacco products has declined. In recent years this trend has been accelerated by the rapid growth of bootlegging and smuggling.

Between 1993 and 2000, cigarette sales fell by 38%.

Over the same period sales of pipe tobacco, hand rolling tobacco and cigars fell by 57%, 39% and 30% respectively.

In 2000, non-United Kingdom duty paid consumption of cigarettes stood at around 30% of total consumption. 70% of hand rolling tobacco consumption avoided United Kingdom taxes.

The United Kingdom Tobacco Manufacturers

Gallaher Ltd, Imperial Tobacco Ltd and Rothmans (UK) Ltd are the main companies supplying the United Kingdom market.

Whilst cigarettes are the main product, the companies also manufacture hand rolling and pipe tobacco's and cigars for the United Kingdom and export markets.

tobacco price belgium

We get a lot of e-mails from people worried about this law. The good news is that Calais Customs have confirmed it will be applied to French citizens only. We took up this issue with Brussels, who were keen for us to send them any cases. Apart from trucker's who are regarded as fair game, we have not had a single case. If however, you do get stopped and fined, unless you have an unreasonably large quantity, we would be very interested in hearing from you.

An example of a seizure notice from the French Customs

French douanes

A Poem – with thanks to Ken

O little town of Adinkerke,
From you our fags we buy,
We come to you from far and wide,
From where the cost is high,
We spend our money vey quick,
And then we say goodbye,
Oh-o buyings of fags and alcohol-alcohol,
Oh-o buyings of fags and alcohol-alcohol.
Now back to Calais we will drive,
Our baccy is on board,
Gordon, we know he dont like this,
Our buying from abroad,
But he wont bring his taxes down!
Oh-o buyings of fags and alcohol-alcohol,
Oh-o buyings of fags and alcohol-alcohol.
Across the sea to Dover now,
A battle to be fought,
As we reach the customs shed,
Where they hope we get caught,
So smile for the nice man,
As he strip searches our cars,
As he strip searches our cars.
He tries to give a notice one,
He tries to take our goods,
But he cant take it cos my son,
We're underneath his mil,
We haven't bought back far to much,
He tastes a bitter pill,
He tastes a bitter pill.
So home we go as xmas comes,
With beer and wine to drink,
Our fags to smoke and food to eat,
It really is a treat,
As we celebrate with cheaper goods,
Just as we know we should!

Useful Outside links

Customs tobacco
We really like what this group is doing challenging Customs and holding them to account. "A blog on issues and experiences of U.K. Customs and Smoking Ban. Guest posts welcome. Note:- We use the term U.K. Customs for simplicity of understanding, their official title is HMRC and are under U.K. Border Agency now.". Please remember though, that any tobacco brought back from a trip, must be solely for your own personal use (small amounts may be gifted).
HMRC Is Shite. This blog is "dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of the HMRC, who have to endure the monumental shambles that is Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC)." Do a search for articles under "tobacco" – scary stuff.

Tourist Office De Panne – Tel: 0032 58 42 18 18.

Anti counterfeiting group.

Anti Fraud, run by the National Fraud Authority.

Belgium Tourism. Practical information including Public Holidays and events in Belgium.