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For day trippers and shoppers for tobacco products in Spain – looking for tobacco shops – wanting to save money when buying cigarettes, cigars, tobacco and chocolates.

tobacco in spain

Tobacco in Spain

Revised guidelines from 1st October 2011. TOBACCO guidelines for personal use – 800 cigarettes (was 3,200), 200 cigars, 400 cigarillos, 1 Kg smoking tobacco (was 3 Kg).

September 2015 – The price of Golden Virginia in Belgium is now £5.60 (8.00 euro). 20 Benson and Hedges Gold still costs £4.35 (6.00 euro). In Luxembourg GV costs about £5.43, BH Gold is only £3.69. The the UK Golden Virginia costs £18.08, and Benson and Hedges Gold costs £9.30.

June 2015 – The price of Golden Virginia in Belgium is now £5.40 (7.80 euro). 20 Benson and Hedges Gold now cost £4.35 (6.00 euro). In Luxembourg GV costs about £5.43, BH Gold is only £3.69.

March 25th 2015 UPDATE! – Falling exchange rates see the price of Golden Virginia in Belgium go up to £5.15 (7.40 euro).

March 18th 2015 - UK Budget – Cigarette prices have increased by 16p a packet in the U.K.

March 2015 UPDATE! – Improving exchange rates see the price of Golden Virginia in Belgium drop to £5.05 (7.40 euro), Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £4.30 (6.00 euro)

March 2015 – Improving exchange rates see the price of Golden Virginia in Belgium drop to £5.15 (7.40 euro), Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £4.40 (6.00 euro)

Mid February 2015 – Improving exchange rates see the price of Golden Virginia in Belgium drop to £5.25 (7.40 euro), Benson & Hedges Gold still costs £4.50 (6.00 euro) - although the euro price (if you pay with a credit card and not sterling cash has gone up 30 centimes).

February 2015 – Improving exchange rates see the price of Golden Virginia in Belgium drop to £5.30 (7.40 euro), Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £4.50 (5.70 euro).

December 2014 – A tax increase on Golden Virginia sees prices in Belgium go up to £5.65 (7.40 euro).

September 2014 – A tax increase on Golden Virginia sees prices in Belgium go up to £5.30 (7.00 euro).

July 2014 – A better exchange rate sees prices drop in Belgium and Luxembourg for sterling buyers. Golden Virginia now costs £5.08 a pack (6.60 euro) in Luxembourg. Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £3.90 (5.00 euro) a pack of 20. In Belgium Golden Virginia now costs £5.20 a pack (6.80 euro). Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £4.50 (5.70 euro). In the U.K. GV costs £17.48, Benson and Hedges Gold now costs £8.53.

May 2014 – Golden Virginia now costs £5.35 a pack (6.80 euro) in Luxembourg. Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £3.87 (4.80 euro) a pack of 20. Tax increases in Belgium mean that Golden Virginia now costs £5.45 a pack (6.80 euro). Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £4.50 (5.70 euro). In the U.K. GV costs £17.26, Benson and Hedges Gold now costs £8.87.

February 2014 – Golden Virginia now costs £5.35 a pack (6.80 euro) in Luxembourg. Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £3.87 (4.80 euro) a pack of 20. Tax increases in Belgium mean that Golden Virginia now costs £5.45 a pack (6.80 euro). A pack of Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £4.50 (5.70 euro). In the U.K. GV costs £16.92, Benson and Hedges Gold now costs £8.38.

In other words buy the guidelines (3Kg GV and 800 cigarettes) and save £874.60 in Luxembourg, £835.40 in Belgium, and £481.76 in France.

March 2011 – GV now 6.75 euro. Buy at it at the airport and it could cost you up to 8.44 euro (it is legal to have different prices in Spain). 49 euro for Marlborough (200).

January 2011 – Amber Leaf 10x50g = 63.50 euro. Golden Virginia 10x50g = 67 euro Lambert and Butler 200 = 42 euro.

December 2010- Big increases in Spanish tobacco prices announced. JPS Black now 36 euro, Marlboro 46 euro, Superkings 41.50 euro, Drum 64 euro, Amber Leaf 63 euro.

United Kingdom budget 2010 (April) – Tobacco duty increased from 25th March by 1% above inflation and then increase by 2% in real terms each year until 2014.

According to our calculations this means that a packet of cigarettes previously costing £5.60 will in 2014, after the last 2% increase cost 9.33% more in real terms or £6.12. Remember to add in the inflation increase automatically incurred every year.

June 2010 – Price increase in Spain! Drum now 46 euro, Golden Virginia 49.50 euro.

March 2010 – Superkings now 35 euros, Lamberts 34.50, Bensons 37.00.

September 29th – From a shopper. Golden virginia was 48.50 euro in the tabac on costa brava and 60.50 euro at Girona airport today.

September 2009 – Superkings 33.50 for a sleeve. GV 45.00 Euros

June 2009 – Ouch! Once again prices have risen in Spain. Golden Virginia has gone up from 3.50 euro to 4.85 euro a pack (it happened a few years ago, but prices quickly dropped back once sales declined). Drum is up from 3.00 to 4.60 euro. Benson and Hedges is now 3.40 euro.

May – Check your receipts. We hear stories of Customs seizing goods because the receipts are not correct.

Compared to England, tobacco is cheaper in France (tobacco in France), cheaper still in Belgium, and much cheaper in Luxembourg and Spain. However it is even cheaper in many other E.U. member states such as Poland and Greece.

We get quite a few e-mails about what you can safely bring back – see our message board for the great debate and other visitors tips.

Tobacco (March 2015) – Save £950.20 in Belgium and stay within the limits! SAVE up to 66.39%

(January 2014 – Save £482 in France, £835 in Belgium, £875 in Luxembourg and stay within the limits! SAVE from 55% up to 184%!)

This web site is dedicated to the free movement of people and goods between European nations (whatever HM Revenue and Customs may wish, whose tactics, attitude, assumptions, threats, intimidation and behaviour we condemn as illiberal, against the spirit of a National Treaty guaranteeing the free movement of goods and services between European States and against common sense).

Following on from recent price hikes in France and Belgium on tobacco products, many people are going further afield to places like Spain and Luxembourg to get their tobacco. With careful planning you can pick up really cheap air fares and still save substantial amounts of money buying your basics abroad.

Weekends – Spanish Tabacs often close at 1.30pm on Saturday and only re-open on Monday.

Tabac or Airport? We hear that airports shops often charge as much as 3 euro extra per sleeve.

In Spain, unlike France and Belgium where the Government sets a single price for tobacco, there are two prices; a maximum and a minimum price. Expect to pay more at bars and airports, and get the lower prices at tabac's.

January 2009 prices – Benson and Hedges £28.75. Golden Virgina £32.50.

Official Spanish prices (latest). (Cigarettes) (Tobacco)

How to avoid being tripped up by HM Revenue and Customs

route 66 tobacco luxembourg

Route 66 Tobacco in Luxembourg

Prices in E.U. member states

Although is mostly about shopping in France and Belgium we are developing this page for our visitors as a result of e-mails enquiries. If you have recently returned from abroad please let us know what you paid for your tobacco – Contact

Other EU members States


Careful – the Canary Islands are NOT part of the E.U. You may only bring back 200 cigarettes. C and E target these flights – you have been warned!

ideal spain – Useful web site.

Airport shops charge more than the official high street tabac's.

April 2010 (Canaries). GV 10x50g 43.00 euro, drum 10x50g 33.00 euro, LandB 21.60.00 euro /200 or 36.00 euro /400, superkings 21.60 euro/200, newral 4.90 euro/200 (cheap but also a decent smoke)!! richmond 19.00 euro /200

January 2010 – Silk cut 36 euro, lambert 34.50 euro, jps black 30 euro, benson 36.00 euro.

June 2009 – Drum has gone down in price to 4.50 euro a pack of 50g. JPS Red / Silver / White / Green are now 27 euro and JPS Black still 28.50 euro. Ronsons (25) went up to 33 euro.

May 2009 – JPS Blue 23 euro, Samson 50g 30 euro, Golden Virginia 12.5g 0.90 cents

January 2009 – Regal are 31 euro a sleeve.

August 2008 – Black Sovs were 23 euro and 10x50g GV 35 euros

July 2008 – Golden Virginia 35 euro, Drum 35 euro, old Holborn 35 euro, Cutters Choice 25 euro, Amber Leaf 25 euro.

July 2008 – Canary Islands (NOT IN E.U.). Royals =10.50 euro, Desert Gold 4.75 euro, Embassy = 16 euro, Domingo 9.50 for 10, Turner = 10.50 for 10, I was amazed that GV was 37 euro compared to 35 in mainland, Cutters was more expensive too. Drum was 28-30 euro!!

June 2008 – Reus Tabacs are now selling GV at 3.50 euro per 50grams.

April 2008 – Marlborough now 30 euro in town 33 euro at the airport.

January 2008 – All JPS brands are now 23 euros. West is now 23 euros. Drum up 1 euro to 39 euros. Amber Leaf still 23 euro everything else still the same price.

October 2007 – GV £4.50. superking £30

June 2007 – If arriving at Malaga the train to Torremolinos cosys 1.15 euro for a single ticket. a 5 minute walk away (5 minutes) is the San Miguel Tobacco shop. The opening hours are Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 1.30pm, then 4.30 to 8.30pm.

Prices as of 9th June 2007 in euro – Bensons and hedges – 31.00. JPS Black – 23.00. JPS White – 22.00. Silk cut and 100 – 31.00. Royals red and white – 23.00. Golden virinia (10x50g) – 43.00. Drum (10x50g) – 38.00

May 2007 – Superkings 30.00 euro. At the airport they cost 2 euro more.

March 2007 – jps black 23.00 euro, lambert 29.50 euro, superking 30.00 euro, GV 43 euro, drum 38 euro.

Prices – Marlboro Red were euro 2.95 a packet. I think they've gone up a bit, as I'm almost sure they were 2.75 in September 2006 in Málaga. United Kingdom brands should be more or less in line, price-wise. i.e. much cheaper than here!

One more thing (also mentioned before on this site). Prices at Barcelona airport are more expensive – 10% or so – therefore buy in the city if you can. Also, if you're after rolling tobacco, they only had Drum original, Old Holborn and Golden Virginia at the airport, I think."

August 2006 – Price reductions! benson now £31 was £36. embassy £31 was £36. jps black £23 was £25. lambert £29.50 was £35. superking £30 was £35. GV still £43. drum still £38

Latest May 9th. Benson £36. Berkley £35. Camel £24. Drum £38. Dunhill International £35. Embassy £36. Fortuna £22. Gauloises £24.50. Golden Virginia £43. John Player Black £25. Lambert £35. Lucky Strike £22. Marlboro £27.50. Mayfair £31.50. Old Holborn £43. Regal £36. Rothmans K.S. £35. Royal £23. Samson £38. Silk Cut £36. Sovereign 25. Superking

17th March 2006 – GV £43, Drum £38, Old Holborn £43, JPS Black £25, Benson, Regal £36, Lambert, Superkings £35, Richmond £31

Benson and Silk Cut now £36.00 which is an £8.00 rise per carton. Sovereign now £25.00

Latest February 2006 – Prices have gone up, and some have come down.

JPS Black now 20.00 £ / Marlboro 27.50 £ / Mayfair 24.50 £ / Superkings, Lambert, Berkley 27.50 £ / Regal, Bensons and Embassy 28.00 £ / Sovereign 15.00 £ / JPS Silver, White, Red, 17.50 £ / Winston, Camel, Dunhill have risen also.

Golden Virginia 39.00 £ / Drum 35.00 £ /Turner 18.50 £ (40g) / Domingo 17.50 £

Spanish brands have gone up a lot and in many cases are now more expensive than foreign brands.

Latest October 2005 – Some prices increased from 1/10/05. Lambert 27.50 euro. Benson / Embassy / Regal / Silk Cut 28.00 euro. Superkings 27.50 euro

GV 39.00 euro. Drum 35.00 euro. Old Holborn 39.00 euro

September 2005 – Lambert now £26.50. Superking / Regal / Embassy £27.50

Latest – Following are the price increases today (31/1/05). No. 1 – 30.00 euro. ALL S/Kings – 29.00 euro. Lambert's – 28.00 euro. Regal – 30.00 euro. Gold Leaf – 24.00 euro. GV – (500g) 38.00 euro

January 2005 – Cigarettes; LandB 2.65, Regal 2.85, S'Kings 2.85. Bacci; GV 39.0, Drum 32.0, Turners 17.0.

Latest 1st August 2004 – Benson and Hedges Gold 2,85. Benson and Hedges Silver 2,70. Berkeley Blue 2,75. Berkeley Menthol 2,75. Berkeley Superkings 2,75. Blend N.o 1 2,70. Embassy N.o 1 2,85. Kensitas Club (King Size) 2,75. Lambert and Butler Gold. 2,65. Lambert and Butler KS. 2,65. Lambert and Butler Menthol. 2,65. Mayfair King Size 2,50. Mayfair Menthol 2,50. Mayfair Sky Blue 2,50. Mayfair Superking 2,50. Regal KS 2,85. Silk Cut Blue 2,85. Silk Cut Purple 2,85. Silk Cut Purple 100's. 2,85. Silk Cut Silver 2,85. Silk Cut White 2,85. Sovereign King Size 2,55. Superkings 2,75

Cigarettes – Official tobacco shops; Superkings and Bensons 26.00 – 27.00 euro, Lambert 26.00 euro.

Rolling – GV and Old Holborn now 36.00 euro, Drum 34.00 euro (50g) – Malaga and Benidorm – 29.50 Euro in Airport

Embassy Regal 28 Euro – Benidorm

Date provided – April 2004.

Remember please to buy your supplies from a registered tabac, the retail sale of tobacco in Spain is a state regulated monopoly, and get a proper receipt from them stating IVA y Impestuous incluido (Tax and Duty paid). This will avoid any problems with the Spanish authority's.

If you buy at the airport airside (Duty Free shops) the price is about ten percent more and they will not sell you more than the MIL as one single purchase; but you can makes as many separate purchases as you like. These will carry a tag saying intra community sale.

Alicante / Benidorm

Tobacco Shops selling United Kingdom tobacco.

Eurotabaco Nº 6, Avda. del Mediterraneo, 66 Lc.35 – Edificio Coblanca VIII, (Rincon de Loix) Benidorm, Alicante Spain. Tel: 0034 96 586 20 96.

Eurotabaco Nº 15, Avda. Juan Fuster Zaragoza, Edif. Aquarium III Lc. 9 (Rincon de Loix). Benidorm. Alicante Spain. Tel: 0034 96 586 16

Alicante Airport. A Tobacco shop has recently opened called Maria Corral Sanz (Aeropuerto). It is just beyond Alicante Airport building exit door/s and just past the taxi rank; coach parking area and local bus service area. This shop is open from 9am until 8pm, seven days per week.



Tobacco Cigarettes Shop. Doctor Joaquim Pou, no. 2 local 1. Barcelona. Spain 08002. Tel; 933026580.

Tobacco shop Gimeno on the Rambalas. This shop also has a pukka selection of cigars. Tel: 3 18 49 47 / 3 02 09 83.

Lloret (70 km north of Barcelona). "For about £100 will get you 3 nights all inclusive in 1 of the top hotels (Royal Beach, Royal Star and the Casino Royal). You can get bargain Self Catering apartments for about £20 night. I don't bother with the tabacs in Lloret, I phone Carlos in Tossa de mar (about 10 miles away) who will deliver to your hotel in Lloret and you can pay him in sterling and get better rates than home. Tel: 0034 972 340 599 is his shops phone number."

February 2007 – Tips from a regular

"The bus from the airport is now euro 3.90 and terminates at Plaça de Catalunya, which is at the top end of the Rambla. If you go to the Tourist Information desk at the airport on arrival, they'll find you a hotel which meets your budget if you need one. They do make a charge – my room was 37 euro and they charged me about 10% for finding it. I looked at booking online, but I think you'll get a much better price doing it my way. Hotels are not expensive there – I went to Amsterdam once and had to pay double that! There is also another Tourist Information place in Plaça de Catalunya – down the steps.

If you want to buy a quantity of cigarettes or tobacco, I recommend Gimeno (which has been mentioned here before) – they are likely to have quite large stocks of United Kingdom brands. I was told that there is another quite large tabac in the Cathedral square just round the corner from them, but I didn't need to go there this time.

If you go to the smaller tabacs you might get a few cartons (unless you are buying Fortuna) and it could take all day to get your 3200 or whatever! Also their prices can sometimes be a bit higher.

Gimeno is situated on the Rambla, roughly opposite the market at la Boqueria, within easy walking distance from Plaça de Catalunya. They take debit and credit cards. If you take Catalunya to be at the north end, then Gimeno is on the east side of the Rambla.

Barcelona Tourist Guide.

The bus from the airport (terminal 1 and 2) is service A1 and leaves every 8 minutes (easy to find) and costs 4.05 euro single! It takes you right to le Rambles. The journey time is about 25 minutes each way.

If you land in Girona there is a bus that coincides with Ryan air flights outside the terminal. They run about every 30 minutes and cost about 8.95 euro to Barcelona.

(Airport prices are 2.70 euro more dearer for 200 cigs on every brand)

July 2004 – I've just done an Easyjet daytrip – Gatwick to Barcelona – to stock up with a supply of cigarettes. While prices are 2 euro higher in the airport terminal A duty free shop, there is a state 'Tabac' in the domestic terminal B (next door) at normal prices, but the range is small. Marlboro lites 26.50 BandH 27.50. It is a bit of a rush to get downtown if the outbound flight is delayed!

Bilbao – Clotes D Inglis department store sells tobacco.

Girona – TABAC Augusti is recommended. Tel: 0034 972 20 64 74.

January 2008 – "Get the bus from Gerona aiport to the bus station. Walk through the train station and through a small park. There is a tabac about 50 yards on the left. Very helpful people – if they haven't got the brands you want they will get them for you that day. I was there yesterday. Drum 34, GV 36, Superkings 26, Bensons 26 euro.

August 2008 – Paid 55 euro from airport for the taxi and 50 on the return.

Granada – Just got back from granada this morning. The bus from the airport is 3 euro and takes you directly into the centre there are 4 tabacs within 200 yards of each other so getting your stuff is no problem but dont even bother trying to phone any of them because hardly anyone speaks english in granada which caused no end of problems. your best bet is to jump on the bus and get off outside "El Corte Ingles" and there are two on that street about 150 yards apart and there is one at the back of the store if you walk thru and out the other side. Just a few words of warning, keep your wallet out of sight as pickpockets are in force.


1 – "Go to the top of the Gran Via on the crossroads, there is a little pavement tabac there by the doors to a theatre / cinema. The guy here speaks resonable english and will order anything he hasn't got in stock, don't be decieved by the size his little kiosk as his stock is kept underneath the kiosk!"

2 – "There is a tabac in arrivals at the airport, small but does have english brands nearest to the airport is one stop on the metro to barajas which is also the name of the airport, the metro is attached to the airport and takes about 5 – 10 minutes to reach it from arrivals hall. When you exit the metro at Barajas turn right and head up the main road for about half a mile where all the shops are and the tabac is on the left hand side next to a bar, if you are on a day trip this is the best place to go if the arrrivals hall tabac hasnt got enough stock. The other tabacs i know of are situated in Puerto del sol (sol) on the metro, this can be reached by the metro from the airport but you have to change at least once, or get the airport bus to Plaza Colon and get the metro again, you will have to change lines again even though the journey overground if you have a map is only 10-15 minutes away. There is an El Cortes Ingles also in Puerto del sol which is a main tourist area with plenty of pensions, this is close by the Gran Via.

3 – Calle San Bernardo, which is just off Gran Via, between Callao and Plaza de Espana Metro stations. The shop is called Estanco San Bernardo. Staff speak and understand English. Tel: 0034 915314655

Map of underground in Madrid.

Palma Airport – there is a Tabac near the departure gate selling cigs at the Tabac price rather than the airport price.

Recommended; Hotel Honalulu in Palmanova (pay about 21 euro a night)

Malaga -There are two tabacs near the Hotel las Vegas; the one on the same side of the road as hotel %5Babout 50 yards away%5D is English speaking, they will get any quantity of anything british same day if they don't have it in stock, plus loads of freebies (The Las Vegas is on the main road at the side of the bullring heading towards the sea).

JAUN DE HERRERA, Nr 17. 39002 Santander. Tel: 0034 942 31 31 25. Mobile number; 0034 655 993 944. E-mail: info at

Directions; Find Cathedral Square in centre. Cross main road and carry on up side street 100 yards and it's there in front of you.

Salou – At the bottom of Avda Carles Buigas on the sea front next to the traffic lights. All the stock you need and the larger woman is a lovely girl who is very helpful. The telephone number is 0034977383584.

Santander Tobacco Shop

Torremolinos – There are 3 or more Tabac shops in and around the main Plaza.

San Migels being the main one, he has the best selection of Tafs and Bacci. However if you further down the road (main road to the right) you will see a slip road go off, if you take that road you will come to another Tabac shop. He will give you discount and free gifts with bulk buying. There are a few more tabac shops on the sea front.

Current prices (January 2005) – Prices in euro. Regal 2.85, Superking 2.85, LandB 2.65. Bacci; Drum 32, Turner 17, G V 39.

Tobacco events

Every August a Tobacco fiesta is held in the town of Jaraiz de la Vera dedicated to tobacco and Cayenne pepper. Tourist Office telephone number is 0034 927 17 05 87.


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Useful Outside links

Customs tobacco – We really like what this group is doing challenging Customs and holding them to account. "A blog on issues and experiences of U.K. Customs and Smoking Ban. Guest posts welcome. Note:- We use the term U.K. Customs for simplicity of understanding, their official title is HMRC and are under U.K. Border Agency now.". Please remember though, that any tobacco brought back from a trip, must be solely for your own personal use (small amounts may be gifted).

February 2012 – Fightback! Our friends at Smoking Hot continue with their great work. Why not print these leaflets and give them to fellow shoppers / leave them on the ferry etc?.

We found it easier to download the pdf (opens up after download) – Back / Front.

HMRC are SHITE – HMRC Is Shite. This blog is "dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of the HMRC, who have to endure the monumental shambles that is Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC)." Do a search for articles under "tobacco" – scary stuff.

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