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For day trippers and shoppers for tobacco products in E.U. countries – looking for tobacco shops – wanting to save money when buying cigarettes, cigars, tobacco and chocolates.

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Tobacco in other E.U. member states

It is now acceptable to bring back tobacco in accordance with the normal E.U. guidleines from most E.U. member states.

Revised guidelines from 1st October 2011. TOBACCO guidelines for personal use – 800 cigarettes (was 3,200), 200 cigars, 400 cigarillos, 1 Kg smoking tobacco (was 3 Kg).

Compared to England, tobacco is cheaper in France (tobacco in France), cheaper still in Belgium, and much cheaper (especially cigarettes) in Luxembourg. However it is also cheap in many other E.U. member states.

This page relies on feedback from our visitors, so if you have just returned from another European Union member state please share any news on pricing you may have.

February 2016 – The price of Golden Virginia in Belgium is now £5.85 (8.20 euro). 20 Benson and Hedges Gold still costs £4.30 (6.00 euro). In Luxembourg GV costs about £5.43, BH Gold is only £3.69. The the UK Golden Virginia costs £18.58, and Benson and Hedges Gold costs £9.55.

September 2015 – The price of Golden Virginia in Belgium is now £5.60 (8.00 euro). 20 Benson and Hedges Gold still costs £4.35 (6.00 euro). In Luxembourg GV costs about £5.43, BH Gold is only £3.69. The the UK Golden Virginia costs £18.08, and Benson and Hedges Gold costs £9.30.

June 2015 – The price of Golden Virginia in Belgium is now £5.40 (7.80 euro). 20 Benson and Hedges Gold now cost £4.35 (6.00 euro). In Luxembourg GV costs about £5.43, BH Gold is only £3.69.

March 18th 2015 - UK Budget – Cigarette prices have increased by 16p a packet in the U.K.

March 2015 UPDATE! – Improving exchange rates see the price of Golden Virginia in Belgium drop to £5.05 (7.40 euro), Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £4.30 (6.00 euro)

March 2015 – Improving exchange rates see the price of Golden Virginia in Belgium drop to £5.15 (7.40 euro), Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £4.40 (6.00 euro)

Mid February 2015 – Improving exchange rates see the price of Golden Virginia in Belgium drop to £5.25 (7.40 euro), Benson & Hedges Gold still costs £4.50 (6.00 euro) - although the euro price (if you pay with a credit card and not sterling cash has gone up 30 centimes).

February 2015 – Improving exchange rates see the price of Golden Virginia in Belgium drop to £5.30 (7.40 euro), Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £4.50 (5.70 euro).

December 2014 – A tax increase on Golden Virginia sees prices in Belgium go up to £5.65 (7.40 euro).

September 2014 – A tax increase on Golden Virginia sees prices in Belgium go up to £5.30 (7.00 euro).

July 2014 – A better exchange rate sees prices drop in Belgium and Luxembourg for sterling buyers. Golden Virginia now costs £5.08 a pack (6.60 euro) in Luxembourg. Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £3.90 (5.00 euro) a pack of 20. In Belgium Golden Virginia now costs £5.20 a pack (6.80 euro). Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £4.50 (5.70 euro). In the U.K. GV costs £17.48, Benson and Hedges Gold now costs £8.53.

May 2014 – Golden Virginia now costs £5.35 a pack (6.80 euro) in Luxembourg. Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £3.87 (4.80 euro) a pack of 20. Tax increases in Belgium mean that Golden Virginia now costs £5.45 a pack (6.80 euro). Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £4.50 (5.70 euro). In the U.K. GV costs £17.26, Benson and Hedges Gold now costs £8.87.

February 2014 – Golden Virginia now costs £5.35 a pack (6.80 euro) in Luxembourg. Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £3.87 (4.80 euro) a pack of 20. Tax increases in Belgium mean that Golden Virginia now costs £5.45 a pack (6.80 euro). A pack of Benson & Hedges Gold now costs £4.50 (5.70 euro). In the U.K. GV costs £16.92, Benson and Hedges Gold now costs £8.38.

In other words buy the guidelines (3Kg GV and 800 cigarettes) and save £874.60 in Luxembourg, £835.40 in Belgium, and £481.76 in France.

February 2012 – Fightback! Our friends at Smoking Hot continue with their great work. Why not print these leaflets and give them to fellow shoppers / leave them on the ferry etc?.

We found it easier to download the pdf (opens up after download) – Back / Front.

United Kingdom budget 2010 – Tobacco duty increased from 25th March by 1% above inflation and will then increase by 2% in real terms each year until 2014.

According to our calculations this means that a packet of cigarettes previously costing £5.60 will in 2014, after the last 2% increase cost 9.33% more in real terms or £6.12. Remember to add in the inflation increase automatically incurred every year.

European Court judgement concerning internet purchases of wine and tobacco (23rd November 2007)

How much can I bring in?

This web site is dedicated to the free movement of people and goods between European nations (whatever HM Revenue and Customs may wish, whose tactics, attitude, assumptions, threats, intimidation and behaviour we condemn as illiberal, against the spirit of a National Treaty guaranteeing the free movement of goods and services between European States and against common sense).

Following on from recent price hikes in France and Belgium on tobacco products, many people are going further afield to places like Spain and Luxembourg to get their tobacco. With careful planning you can pick up really cheap air fares and still save substantial amounts of money buying your basics abroad. How to avoid being tripped up by HM Revenue and Customs.

We get quite a few e-mails about what you can safely bring back – see our message board for the great debate and other visitors tips.

Tobacco in Spain

route 66 tobacco luxembourg

Route 66 Tobacco in Luxembourg

Prices in E.U. member states

Although is mostly about shopping in France and Belgium we are developing this page for our visitors as a result of e-mails enquiries. If you have recently returned from abroad please let us know what you paid for your tobacco – Contact



Prices in Austria (where it seems like 50% of the poulation smoke) compares very favourably to the U.K. Currently, you pay 5.50 euro for a 50g pouch of Golden Virginia while a pack of SILK CUT PURPLE costs 4.20 euro. Tobaccoland seems to have a monopoly on supplying the government-licensed 'Trafik' shops with smokes. They helpfully provide consumers with official price lists in pdf, excel and text formats. Go to and click on the button marked, "Konsumenten-Information" to download a complete list of cigs and tobacco.

Bulgaria (Liberation Day 3rd March)

April 2010. £22.50 for 200 LandB, Marlboro etc. Be aware that LandB are not easy to find. Be warned ... there are many fakes from Turkey etc. and they are bloody awful. Always use a reputable dealer! Cheapest airline l've found is Wizz Air from Luton and their bagage allowance is 32kg.


May 2010 – Bensons 38 Euro / Superkings 37 Euro

Cigarettes – Give or take a 30-cent price difference between cigarette shop prices: Approximate prices – At 24.70 – Benson, Regal, Silkcut, Marlboro, Stuyvesant.

Mayfair 22.20, Sovereign 22.70, Superkings 23.20, LandB 23.20, JPS 24.80, Royals 21.80, Silk Cut 100's 25.80 Dunhill 26.00, Players 27.70.

Rolling – G V was priced at 27 95 for 5x50g.

Date provided – May 2003.


July 2008 – 2.80 euro a sleeve.

Croatia (Statehood Day 25th June)

June 2010 – "just back from zadar croatia. gv on the street tabacs was rare but found 1 price was 36 kuna 50g (£4.approx)didnt see any brit fags. duty free in airport gv 19 euro for 5x50gram BandH and lammys 24 euro a sleeve good stocks of all but non eu so 5 baccy or 1 sleeve"

Cyprus (Independence Day 1st October)

September 2008 – Cigarettes now 32.50 euro a sleeve.

Cig prices (200's) as follows (August 2005). LandB £21.75 (if bought in 1600 box). Benson £22.15

Czech Republic – from January 2008 the normal guidelines now apply

June 2010 – "Tesco does not sell Superkings. They can be found at Churchills next to Mustku metro or at the Tobacco shop at 4 Karlova Passage but this one is cash only. 200 cost about £24 but note that rolling tobacco is more expensive here than in Belgium."

January 2010. BandH gold 740 CZK. BandH SILVER 670 CZK. RONSON 620 CZK. MOON 580 CZK. PALL MALL 650 CZK. ROTHMANS 860 CZK. DUNHILL 960 CZK.

June 2009 – Czech cigarette price is about 60Czk for packet of 20 (about £2 – 6th June 09)

March 2009. "I don't think you can get amber leaf, gv is around 6pounds for 50grms bensons 26 pounds a sleeve. mayfair 22 pounds. These prices are on last weeks exchange rates (£1 = 1.07 euro). Unlike spain the prices at the airport are the same as the shops even in arrivals. Hrt isnt cheap, drum is £5. if you want a large amount there are several shops in the airport terminals or go to tesco."

Drum, priced at about £2.80 for a 2oz pack. Cigarettes are around £1.10/£1.20 per packet.

Buy in Prague, not at the airport. The cheapest source was Tesco in Prague centre.

(September 2004)

Estonia (Independence Day 24th February)


Germany (Unity Day 3rd October)

October 2010- some tips from a shopper. "ROUTE 66 tobacco (in a zip bag) is 11.5 euros for 100g. The same tobacco is available in BNL (in a big tube) for 15.55 euros for 210g. ROUTE 66 is a VERY smokeable 'cheap' malboro clone. NB 'tubing' tobaccos are now very popular in Europe due to rising domestic tobacco costs".

August 2009 – Bensons, Lamberts are 47 euro, GV is 67 euro for 500g

June 2003 – Cigarettes – Rolling – Samson; 200 gm drum 15.15 euro, Drum; 100 gm drum 7.80 euro, Golden Virginia (x 10) 40 gm packets 33.50 euro.

Other information – TABAK MARKT, WOLDSDORFF TOBACCO, Diezer Strasse, LIMBURG. Germany.

Greece (Independence Day 25th March)

September 2009 – "Amber Leaf 52 euro for 500 grams, JPS red and blue 21 euro, LandM 20 euro,bensons 32 euro, next 22 euro, mayfair 28 euro ".

July 2009 – "Golden virgina 5x50g was 31 euro and 1 kg was 120 euro. BandH cigarettes were 31 euro for 200. All these were bought at the airport leaving Greece."

October 2008 – LandB now 28 euro.

June 2006 – Just back from Zakynthos (Zante) an island off the west coast of Greece. You can buy almost any brand of cigarettes you like and as for HRT plenty of the Old Holborn, Golden Verginia, Drum plus some obscure brands. There are at least one major Tobacco cum Off licence in each village plus most supermarkets (in reality minimarkets) all stock loads of well known brands readily on sale in the United Kingdom Even Hotels stock a fair selection of tobacco products to cater for their residents. The ban on smoking has not hit Greece as it has in many other EU countries.

The restaurants do have dining area usualy away from the front for non smokers but all allow smoking in front dining areas and the usual canvas or frond covered areas and umberela areas, plus all disco, clubs and pub type areas allow smoking anywhere. This seems the norm for now and as most Greeks I met all seem to smoke. I think this country is going to be a hard nut to crack for the health freaks and protect you from smoking to death brigades.

Prices. All varieties of Silk Cuts euro 29 per 200. Superkings all ver. euro 27 per 200. LandB all ver. euro 28 per 200. Marlboro all ver. euro 28 per 200. Royals all ver. euro 27 per 200. Pall Mall two ver. euro 28 per 200. Chesterfields all ver. euro 28 per 200. Also many weird makes Greek or other origin were a lot cheaper ranging from euro 23 down to 14 euro per 200. Old Hol. euro 60 per Half Kilo or ten sachets. Golden Virg. Also 60 euro per Half Kilo.

Drum both strengths 55 euro per Kilo At some mini supermarkets Golden Verginia could be got at 55 euro, of course you could buy single 50gm. sachets or single packs of cigs at same eqivalent price as their 200 price devided by ten, in other words no increase in prices by buying singly.

Booze is on par with Spanish prices and local wines super cheap.

Hungary (Saint Stephen's Day 21st August)

September 2008 – "I just wanted to email you to let you know I brought Marlboro Lights in Budapest Hungary last September at 25 Euro a carton great value!"

Italy (Republic Day 2nd July)

windjet – Italian budget airline flying to Forli near Rome. AUGUST 12TH 2012 – IN ADMINISTRATION.

April 2011 – Prices in Euros. All Marlboro 4.60 BandH Gold (equivalent here to the most-popular U.K. version) 4.60. This is not a Super Kings country GV 40g 5.40. Drum 40g 5.00.


November – "Golden Virginia" is £4.50 for 40g. "Lambert and Butler", all "Marlboro"s, and "BandH Gold" (which corresponds to the United Kingdom version) are all £41 a sleeve. SuperKings are virtually unfindable. The figures come from my friendly local tobacconist who would be happy to accept pre-orders. Adria is south of Venice on a rickety train line!

Tabaccheria Simone, Via Aldo Moro 23, 45011 Adria (RO). Tel: 0039 42 64 02 16.

March – Current Italian prices are easy. All cigarettes that would be smoked in Britain (BandH "Gold", LandB, all Marlboro) are £40 a sleeve. GV comes in 40g packs for £4.50.

SuperKings are virtually unfindable.

The figures come from my friendly local tobacconist who would be happy to accept pre-orders:


Cigs are a bit more pricey and harder to track down in Italy, compared to Spain.

As in spain however, the prices are set by the goverment.

Supermarkets however are not restricted and prices are higher.

Tabacs, seem to be thinner on the ground and carry much less stock than their Spanish counterparts.

This applies in particular to British brands.

Expect to pay 3.2/3.9 euro although there are usualy bargains to be had at the airport on your way home.

No info on baccy prices but I'm sure that the last time I visited Italy it was 40gm packs.

Cigarettes – BandH 31 euro a sleeve.

Rolling – Golden Virginia 33 euro 10x40 grams.

Date provided – March 2003.

Other information – Anybody flying back from Rome via Ciampino Airport you wont get any ciggys there – buy them in the city.

access italy holidays – Access Italy, holiday services.


June 2012 – Marlboro sleeve LAT 26 (approx £29.80)

February 2010 – "We were able to buy cartons a few at a time from kiosks in the city, mainly from branches of Narvesen, a newspaper / confectionery chain.They do not have cartons (ask for "blocks") on display, but in drawers or in a storeroom.We bought LandM Red at 15 lats 20 (about £18.60)and Monte Carlo at 13 lats 50 (about £16.50) per carton of 200.I believe Marlborough and Winston were about 15 lats. Not as cheap as they! once were, but still worthwhile!Tax is currently 21% and due to rise to 25% in May.

November 2009. "Not sure about now but last year in Latvia marlboros were £10 for 200, so would guess about £12-14 now, maybe? Hrt was non existant though."

November 2009. "Was in riga last weekend could not find any british brands LandM were 1.62 lat latts winston were 1.60 latts i think marlboros were 1.65 latts but this was for single packs from supermarket, beer was 1.80 latts hope this helps. I have looked at Thomas Exchange Global which shows an exchange rate of 0.7555, which I assume is for latts. So that would mean Marlboro are approximately £2.18p per pack or £21.80 per sleeve? Have I got that about right? That is not much cheaper than Poland where they are £22.77 per sleeve."

November 2009. "Novembra Krastmala the first stop after the bridge on bus route 22 from airport there was duty free shops at airport".

Although prices have risen there are bargains to be had. apparently Ronson, Mayfair and Silk cut purple are no longer available.

Marlboro £10, Next blue £5.40 Next red £5.70, Silk cut red and gold £6, warsaw £6, LandM £8.20. There were some others between £4-5


June 2012 – Marlboro sleeve LTL 93 (approx £21.50)



June 2011. Prices in Euros – Marlboro 40; Super Kings 39; LM 34; Dunhill 42; Rothmans 42; Regal 41; B&H Gold 40; Silk Cut 40; GV 50g 6.70; Holborn 50g 6.50; Drum 50g 6.50.

July 2010 – BandH GOLD 38 EURO, MAYFAIR 37 EURO, RONSON 32 EURO, LandM 32 EURO.

January 2010 – Pall Mall 32.00 euro. LandM 32.00 euro. Richmond 36.00 euro. BandH 37.50 euro. Super Kings 38.00 euro. LandB 38 euro.

Roll your own tobacco; Golden Virginia 500gr 65.00 euro. Old Holborn 250gr 31.50 euro.

Netherlands (Queen's Day 30th April)

March 2008 – Cigarettes up 20%. Superkings up from 33 to 39 euro a sleeve.

January 2008 – Cigarettes cost from £29.50 (Embassy, Regal) at the Clog Shop. GV is £3.90. In Amsterdam they cost 4.10 euro, Drum Tobacco (500 grams) 5.10 euro.

August 2007

4 euro per packet in the Netherlands (shops in Sluis happy to sell at £27.50 a sleeve), at least 4.20 euro in Belgium. Sluis is 17 km from Bruges

November 2006

gv in amsterdam is 54 euro for 10x50g as of 11/12/06 it's available in most tobacconists as well as a little supermarket in schipol plaza by the train ticket offices

May 2006 – Golden Virginia 51 euro.

August 2005. Cigarettes – 39 euro. Most brands available. Golden Virginia 51 euro (50 grm). Hamlet. 46 euro (100). Drum. 39 euro (40 grm)

Other information – KLM Tax Free Services – Airport Retail Liquor and Tobacco Shops SPL/PW. Mandy Steines, Secretary and After Sales. Tel: 0031 20 649 5089.


A little town just over the border. This clog shop sells tobacco; The Clog Shop, Sint Annastraat 51, 4524 JC Sluis. Tel: 0031 117 462 474.

Poland (Constitution Day 3rd May)

June 2012 – Marlboro sleeve PNL 126 (approx £23.70)

We visited Gdansk in November 2010. Unless you smoke Marlborough Reds, there appears to be only one cigarette vendor in Gdansk (including the Airport, Galeria Baltica, and Carefore supermarkets) which sells sufficient quantities of well known brands to bring back the full allowance of 3200.,+Gdansk

Alternatively Lidl sell their own brand cigarettes in larger quantities.

October 2010 – "The price of a sleeve of Marlboro has increased to 112 pln. This is disappointing as presently the exchange rate for the pound to the zloty has fallen. Therefore the price per sleeve is now c £25.65. Hopefully, the pound will find some support on currency markets and this will abate."

June 2010 – "Called in at the tob shop 13 Grodzka (at the main square end) the street number is marked. JPB super kings 100pin with the exchange rate 4.865 about £20.50 per sleeve. Talked with the owner and he says he can get G.V. in bulk with advance order I.E. 1 days notice. G.V. 255 pin 50g. I will be going again, hopefully!"

May 2010 – GV 239 pln 10x50g / lambert, superkings, LandM 98 pln / marlboro 107 pln.

March 2010 – Visited Krakow. Marlboro hard pack 107zt softpack 94zt. I got 429zt per £100. Works out about £23 for 200. Beats £60 in tesco and full eec so quite legal.

Superking Black Available at the airport and in town for 98 PLN

January 2010

"Had a trip over to Gdansk and to the Galeria Baltycka (pronounced Bautika!). As you come out of the airport to the right is a bus stop, say 50 yards away and from there bus number 110 takes you into Gdansk and stops outside the Galeria Baltycka. Really easy journey takes about 35 or 40 minutes. You buy a 1 hour ticket from the bus driver for 3pln (about £0.60p), so a little bit of shingle in your pocket is handy, and then you have to validate it by pushing the ticket into one of these orange boxes on a pole further down the bus. Galeria Baltycka has 270 shops, with all the usual fashion brands and a food court on the first floor with a McDonalds, KFC and so on. There is a Relay tobacconist just as you go in the entrance (ie) immediately next to where the bus stop is. Marlboro Red, Gold etc 99.50 pln or £22.36p. Tel: 0043 512775225. E-mail:

There is another branch of Relay on the lower ground floor next to Carrefour. The bureau de change is in the mall directly opposite Carrefour (ie) also on the lower ground floor and called Kantor Wymiany Walut. Very smart glass fronted shop and the rates were good. There is another tobacconist on the 1st floor called The Smoke Shop Tel: 058 521 76 77 It seems to specialise more in cigars and tobacco.

40g Turner 14.35pln (about £3.22) 40g Drum 17.90pln (about £4.02). 50g GV 23.90pln (about £5.37). According to the guy in there who spoke good English there are only 3 or 4 places in Gdansk that sell HRT. He had some stock of ready mades but a lot less than Relay.

When you walk through the shopping centre you come out at the other end and about a 100 yards further up, there are more kiosks selling cigarettes by the bus terminus and train station Gdansk-Wrzeszcz. If you can't get what you want then head for Gdansk Gluwny (pronounced Gwoovny) the main rail station. There is an underpass directly outside where there are a half a dozen kiosks with a wide selection of brands. It is just as easy to get back to the airport on bus number 210 and it's the same price ie 3pln.

November 2009. "The price in Poland is around 99.95 pln (about £22.80 at present exchange rates) for premium brands i.e. Marlboro. There are a good range of Marlboro i.e. Red, Light and Zero, together with Pall Mall Orange that I know of. I have not seen Silk Cut. In Poland you can buy cigarettes in the supermarkets, so type in Auchan Krakow, or Carrefour Krakow and choose one near where you are going. Alternatively, there are lots of street vendors in city centres."

June 2009. Ronsons are £13 per 200 you can get some ciggies for about £12.50, Noticed drum 40g is about £2.55.

April 2008

March 2009 – Marboro Gold and Marboro 89zl. 19.50 euro, gbp 17.90 for 200. You can buy them in town or after your airside. You can take shuttle train from airport to "Krakow Glowny" main Station. Trains every half hour and about their a tobac shop about 3 minutes walk from their. It's at the top of florienska St.

Krakow – There is a large shopping centre near the station with several shops selling cigarettes. GV and Drum are available at the airport. Rough prices last December; Lambert and Butler and Superkings £16.50. Drum was about £2.80 a 40g pouch and Golden Virginia £3.25 per 50 grams.

November 2007 – 500G Golden Virginia 160 Zloty. 400G Drum 123 Zloty 200 Lambert and Butler 75 Zloty. 200 Superking Black 76.50 Zloty 200 Marlboro Lights and Red 79 Zloty.

October 2007

GV in Krakow is 16-17 for 50GRM zlotys, Superking Black are 76.50 Zlotys a sleeve and Lambert and Butler are 75 Zlotys a sleeve. You will get 5.30 Zlotys to the pound in Krakow town.

The best bargain is Drum which can be had for 10 Zlotys for 50GRM which makes a brick just under £20. Prices in Poland are not fixed so it pays to shop around.

Feedback 22nd May 2006

Band H 65 – 68 Zlotys per 200 £11.17 – £11.68). Marlboro Lights/reds/menthol 58 – 62 Zlotys per 200 (£9.97 to £10.65). Chesterfields 58 – 64 Zlotys per 200 (£9.97 to £11.00). LM Lights 48 Zlotys per 200 (£8.25). Also most Polish brands are 42 – 49 per pack (£7.22 to £8.42). Polish tobacco HRT 5.50 Zlotys per 50gm sachet (£0.95)

Current exchange rate 1 Pound St. = 5.82 Zlotys.

Marlboro – about £12.50 per 200 (April 2006)

Portugal (Portugal Day 10th June)

June 2011 – Just back from Portugal 15/6/2011. L & B all price marked 39.5 euro, GV 10x50g price marked 52.50 euro Amber Leaf 55 euros.

February 2011 – Benson and Hedges Gold x 200 38.50 Euro

January 2011 – Rothmans KS were 36 euro/200 but a recent austerity VAT increase to 23% has pushed the cost up to 39 euro /200 as from March 2011. Portuguese have price control, so you pay the same at the airport duty-free as in a tabac.

July 2008 – Major brands, Bensons, Superkings etc., 38.50 euro. Similar brands in Spain are 30 euro's. Also, GV in Portugal is now 55 euro's, 35 euro's in Spain though.

23rd Nov 2007. Marlborough King Size are 31.50 Euros

October 2007 – LandB £31. Silk Cut £35.50. Superkings £34.50. Berkeley £34.50. Malboro Lights £31. Golden Virginia £5.65. Amber leaf £3.70. Don't expect any freebies though!!!

Recent price increase prices as of 1st May 2006 – B and Hedges 33 euro. Lambert – 31 euro. Superkings 32 euro. Marlboro – 29 euro. Mayfair 27.50 euro. JPS BLack – 26 euro. GV Tobacco 55 euro

September 2005 – Superkings 28.00 euro. BandH 29.00 euro. LandB 29.00 euro. LandM 24.00 euro. JPS 25.00 euro. Drum 40.00 euro. GV 42.50 euro. Amber leaf 30.00 euro. Samson 28.50 euro (400gm)

May 2005 – Lambert£27.50. Marlboro£25.50. GV STILL £41

Lisbon airport (Oct 2004) – Benson £26.50, Marlboro £23.50, Superkings £25.50.

Cigarettes – Lamberts 23.00 euro, Bensons, Embassy no 1, Regal, Silk Cut 25.00 euro, Superkings 23.50 euro.

Rolling – 40 gramme packets – 3.00 euro. GV, Drum 2.75 euro (40 grams).

Date provided – June 2003.

Marlboro 22.50 euro 23.50 at airport. Superkings Menthol 23.50 same at airport

Date provided – June 2003.

Romania (National Day 1st December)

air blue – BlueAir, a budget airline flying to Bucharest and Bacau.


Bratislava – GV very hard to find got one single pack 6.15 euro none in duty free though a stall next to smoking room had a few packs @ 7 euro BandH 29.90 euro LandM 23 euro.

– Danube Wings.


June 2011 – All Marlboro 32 euro, B&H Gold 32 euro, Camel 30 euro, Pall Mall 26 euro, Lucky Strike 30 euro, MS 25 euro, GV 25g 2.80 euro, Drum 40g 4.20 euro, Super Kings are unfindable here!

April 2011 – Prices in Euros. All Marlboro 3.20. This is not a Super Kings country GV 25g 2.80.

April 2010. Llubjana – paid around £2.50 for 20 West No 1 – equivalent to Silk Cut Silver. There is a tobacconist just off the town square – sells some U.K. brands. Fantastic town for a day trip.

March 2006. At land border points there are invariably ex-duty free shops, invariably run by Kompas, who invent their own exchange rate, and the prices are: GV £2.42 for 25g;. All Marlboros, BandH Gold, £23.75 per sleeve.

Everywhere else in Slovenia, the prices are: GV £2.30 for 25g; All Marlboros, BandH Gold, £22.59 per sleeve.

This is NOT a SuperKings or LandB country!

Spain (National Day 12th October)

Switzerland (National Holiday 1st August)

Useful Outside links

Customs tobacco – We really like what this group is doing challenging Customs and holding them to account. "A blog on issues and experiences of U.K. Customs and Smoking Ban. Guest posts welcome. Note:- We use the term U.K. Customs for simplicity of understanding, their official title is HMRC and are under U.K. Border Agency now.". Please remember though, that any tobacco brought back from a trip, must be solely for your own personal use (small amounts may be gifted).

HMRC are SHITE – HMRC Is Shite. This blog is "dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of the HMRC, who have to endure the monumental shambles that is Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC)." Do a search for articles under "tobacco" – scary stuff.

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