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Advertising on our web site

The internet is a new medium for most advertisers – often misunderstood and therefore avoided. But, as our own advertisers now know, a focused and visited web site brings in many more customers than traditional media does.

This page aims to tell you how this site works and why you should advertise with us, as well as the options available.

Our advertising reaches the customers you seek at the moment they are planning their holiday or visit. We are transparent – we uniquely publish our hits, page requests and unique visitor figures – this web site has visitors and nothing to hide. This screen shot from the website shows that the overwhelming majority of our visitors are local British (28th June 2009).

alexa graph

6th July

alexa graph

Rates and Terms

Our objective

To provide a quick loading, easy to navigate and attractive web journal providing all the information shoppers to France or those passing through the channel ports may want, and to make the first port of call when looking for information relating to Calais and channel shopping, or short stay visits in France and Belgium.

History began as a part time web magazine for wine buyers visiting Calais 3 or 4 times a year. Public interest and the many e-mails received saw it develop rapidly. Pages on tobacco and price surveys have added to the appeal of the site. A message board has proved popular, and our campaign against the excesses of HM Revenue and Customs has generated considerable favourable publicity. Pages on the other channel ports have been added and expanded.

We now unashamedly see ourselves as the protecters and champions of the British channel shopper. The founder Mr. David Ash, often appears on radio and television defending the rights of British Shoppers, and together with a network of volunteers provides effective, but free support to channel shoppers who have fallen foul of Customs. The SUN newspaper named him as the "BRITISH BOOZE CRUISE SHOPPERS CHAMPION" in 2002.

Why have a page on our site for your company or shop?

People come to our site (40 – 45% bookmark it, and nearly 50% return to look for something else during any given month) because we give a lot of useful information and update it daily. We know from the many e-mails we get that our service is appreciated. If your shop is listed with a link to click through to, it will be looked at in more detail, simply because it provides more information. Remember, people who surf the net are looking for information – if your company has a page to click through to, their interest will be aroused.

It takes along time to get properly listed on a search engine – having been going for nearly 10 years, we appear on all search engines and have many points of entry. English travellers will not for example, look for "XZY restaurant in Calais" when looking for somewhere to eat when surfing the world wide web (no matter how good your page or web site), they will come to, the web magazine for channel shoppers and visitors to France.

A single company page is less likely to be found or remembered. We know from our advertisers that despite having their own sites, and appearing on search engines, over 90% of their visitors come to their sites via This is especially true for smaller companies.

We really are the web site with visitors. Our claims are not hollow but backed up by our logs which we uniquely publish. This is why we do not use terms like "Official", "the leading portal" etc. concentrates on the practical side of things, rather than tourism, thereby providing a unique service to the public.

We are often quoted in the press and on other web sites.

E.g. 24/07/2008. Find top money advice.


(1) get the latest discount vouchers on everything from electrical items and holidays to mobile phones and eating out.

(2) has loads of furniture and electrical items from people who just want rid of them cheaply – bargains galore.

(3) and seek out the best price online and in-store on anything from a particular model of TV to the pushchair you want.

(4) offers ferry deals from £20-a-head or Eurotunnel for £49 per car, meaning you can go to France, stock up on cut-price booze and pay up to 50 per cent less for groceries.

By responding to the many e-mails we get on a wide range of subjects and then publishing the results of our research for others to see, we are in touch with our users and give them what they are looking for. Our site is relevant to our visitors.

Our audience is highly targeted (British shoppers and short stay visitors to Channel France). We know from our logs that over 95% of our visitors visit the site during normal European waking hours (a large number of visitors between midnight and 7.00am indicates American visitors).

We analyse our logs in house, and can provide detailed information on the number of times your advert or page is requested or seen. We are totally transparent and have nothing to hide.

Contact us by email.


We are a highly targetted web site with the vast majority of our visitors coming from the United Kingdom, and looking for information on Calais and the North of France.

This a snapshot of where our visitors come from from (October 2008).

April 2009 – Whilst we retain our "lead" our competitior has dropped off the horizon.

daytriper graph

Our next largest competitor.

calais guide

Our advert sizes

We use fixed adverts as rotating banners reduce the chance of your advert being seen. All adverts are rollover however (when you pass your cursor over the advert it changes, allowing you to advertise an offer for example). Advertise on our title page and your advert will be seen 160,000+ times per month.

Size 4 – STANDARD SIZE adverts are 128 pixels wide x 30 pixels high. E.g.

Factory Shopping

Size 2 – Our DOUBLE SIZE (120 by 60 pixel) advert are at the top of each site page. E.g.

CalaisWine Superstore

Size 1 – There are two BANNERS on the title page which are 200 pixels wide x 60 pixels high. E.g.

1st Shop In Adinkerke

– A button advert acts as a highly effective beacon, driving traffic to your web page. Furthermore, because it is smaller than a banner, it loads fully and is more likely to be seen.

– Button adverts can raise brand awareness and enhance your company image – we do not restrict you to one style or colour either.

– Button adverts are available throughout and can be easily placed on any page you feel is appropriate.

Our button adverts work!

We monitor responses to our advertising. Compare the page requests for Calais Vins which did not advertise, with Cheers Wine and Beer which did. Both pages were requested a similar number of times before Cheers started advertising.

calais vins

Click graph to enlarge

When are the best weeks and months?

Our figures go up and down depending on when there is a school or Bank holiday coming up, at Christmas and when we get a newspaper or radio mention.

In general we see a steady increase in visitors until November, with big increases around school holidays and Bank Holiday weekends.

bexley chronical

We love our advertisers! – how we help you

Apart from your advert in the position you choose, we actively promote your shop or service within the web site. For example;

1 – Your shop or service will get prominent lisiting on relevant pages.

2 – Where ever we have spare advertising space your advert will be placed in addition to your paid space.

3 – Any e-mail enquiries we get we pass on to you. This can be an important source of business.

4 – Advertisers get a button advert free on pages which concern them (for example a wine shop will get an advert on the wine page.

5 – We change your advert (usually the background colour) every few months, and also change its position, to keep interest alive. It's not just new customers you need, but existing customers reminded about you, and made aware of new services or products offered.

6 – E-mail addresses – we use images instead of text to avoid your address falling into the hands of spammers.

7 – We use every opportunity to promote your shop. Often we get invited to give radio interviews. This is the most recent on the Chris Evans Show (4 million listeners). Note how we managed to mention many of of our advertisers. Drivetime with Chris Evans – 26 Oct 2007

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