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Advertising rates and terms

We offer some of the most reasonable rates for shops and companies wishing to reach future customers. Not only do our existing customers renew their contracts they also keep advertising with us when dropping other mediums.

Our advertising reaches the customers you seek at the moment they are planning their holiday or visitor. We are transparent – we publish our hits, page requests and unique visitor figures.

Rates and advertising opportunities on (prices do not include VAT)

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Main promotion opportunities on

Example See top of this page Cost per month (Sterling £)

Top of every page on All adverts are rollover – i.e. another image appears if the cursor passes over it

10% discount on these prices if you take out a 12 month contract. More

Size 1 (two 200 x 60 pixel, top) £750
Size 2 (two 120 x 60 pixel, top) Daytrip to Calais £500
Size 4 (ten 128 x 30 pixel, 2nd and 3rd rows) Route 66 Luxembourg £400
Size 2 – One in left menu (120 x 60 pixel) - £300
Size 4 – One in right menu (128 x 30 pixel) - £250

Page link


Page design – one off charge

Not all companies need to advertise, but many benefit from having a page on (at a fraction of the cost of a full web site).

Page design per page (1200 x 1200 pixels) – includes hosting for 12 months, 4 photo's or graphics, 400 words text. Amendments are free (12 minor changes allowed).

The graphics and html code are your property as well.

from £700 per annum – Includes free advert on one page of your choice (page menu area). Extra pages £100


Offer a prize and get extra promotion within our site. We require a prize of at least £100 value.

In addition we will send details of your company / promotion to all addresses in our database of e-mail addresses.

Anyone signing up will automatically get a thank you e-mail promoting your offer.

Cost; £100

12 month Offer

If you buy one years worth of advertising (from £250.00 per month), we will create a page free of charge for you – normal rate £700.

It includes;

1. Preparation of advert and page (scanning, advice, web space).

2. Automatic link to your web site or page.

3. Page adverts – we will place an advert for your company on two other pages linked to your occupation or service (e.g. a Beer and Wine Shop could appear on our Beer prices page).

4. A line of text and a link to your page elsewhere on our site where we feel your company has something to offer (for example if you sell tobacco we might make a reference to your shop on our price survey page).

5. Mention your company and its service on our newsletter page.

6. Relaying of e-mail's received that we feel you could profit from.

7. We can advise you on whether to use a catchy phrase or offer, or your logo, to attract visitors to your pages.

8. Hosting of your page for one year.


We require payment before we publish your advert.

1. Payment for advertising – Three months payment in advance.

2. If your bill is less than £25 a month we require a years payment in full.

3. If we are designing a page for you we require 50% of the fee in advance and the balance on publication.

4. If you take out a years contract we will hold our prices for that period. Otherwise we can only guarantee prices for 3 months.

5. Pay one year in advance and get a further 10% off.

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